Black Garlic Salt Will Give Your Next Bloody Mary An Umami Boost

Nothing hits the spot like a good Bloody Mary. The cocktail's refreshing spice and deep, savory flavor make it an excellent companion to any meal, especially brunch. It is also known for its versatility, as the tradition of creative and often over-the-top garnishes allows for extensive customization. While outlandish toppings can be a fun and filling way to mix up your Bloody Mary, using new seasonings can be an even more sophisticated way to up your cocktail game. One seasoning we recommend in particular is black garlic salt, which brings an extra punch of savory goodness to your drink.

Black garlic salt is a seasoning made from aged garlic and salt. When garlic is aged under the right conditions, it will ferment, taking on a soft texture, a strong, almost fruity flavor, and a deep brown-black hue — hence the name black garlic. When dried and added to salt, it brings these flavors to the seasoning. As such, black garlic salt is all at once briny, savory, and sweet, with distinct notes of molasses and caramel from the Maillard reaction that occurs as the garlic ferments. These flavors complement the Bloody Mary beautifully, mirroring the umami tanginess of the tomato and the piquant zing of the many herbs and spices.

How to incorporate black garlic salt into your drink

It can be hard to find black garlic salt in your average grocery store, but you may be able to procure it by going to a specialty spice vendor or gourmet food shop in your area. If all else fails, it is easily available for purchase online through familiar websites like Amazon. Alternatively, if you can get your hands on dried black garlic or black garlic powder, you can make your own black garlic salt by blending it with your choice of salt until the two are combined.

There are several ways to incorporate the salt into your Bloody Mary. The most obvious option is to use the salt as a coating on the rim of your cocktail glass. This will not only add flavor to your drink but will also allow you to enjoy the rich, garlicky smell of the salt as your nose comes near the lip of the glass with each sip, further enhancing the experience. In addition, you may want to add a sprinkle of the salt to the Bloody Mary base, where it can dissolve and lend more complexity to the beverage itself. Finally, there is no rule against seasoning your cocktail garnishes. If you are loading up your Bloody Mary with a heap of vegetables and meats, a shake of black garlic salt over these garnishes can elevate them by tying their flavors back to that of the drink itself.