Banana Chips Can Give Your Coffee Grounds A Natural Fruity Sweetness

Nothing beats the rich and aromatic fragrance of a cup of coffee brewing in the morning. There's something so satisfying about the individual ritual of drinking your favorite cup of Joe. Whether you take your coffee black or like to customize it with a little creamer and sugar, your cup of coffee is your happy place. But sometimes it's fun to mix it up and if you really want to add a natural fruity sweetness to it, banana chips can give your coffee grounds a fun twist.

If you are grinding up some coffee beans, you should add a few banana chips to the grinder. Not only will you get that lovely banana flavor, but their natural sweetness will eliminate the need for any added sugar or whatever sweetener substitution you reach for. It's that sweetness that balances the harsh elements of coffee, creating a lighter, more well-rounded taste for your palate. That said, you can boost your banana coffee by adding other natural ingredients as well.

Get creative

Grinding banana chips into your coffee grounds is just the beginning of your banana coffee journey. To personalize and make this iteration of java your own, you can add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice for another layer of flavor that is reminiscent of your beloved banana bread. But if your taste buds crave something a little sweeter, a little caramel syrup might be what your banana coffee is calling for. 

But don't neglect those flavors in your collection of extracts either. Vanilla and banana are a natural pairing, but adding some almond extract to banana coffee will amplify the fruitiness and give your coffee's taste even more symmetry. Additionally, if you find a little leftover peanut butter extract from when you made your favorite peanut butter-flavored ice cream, this extract can hit all the right sweet and buttery notes alongside the banana taste.