Boost The Flavor Of Banana Coffee With A Few Easy Additions

TikTok has been the birthplace of a number of different food trends in recent years. From the viral pink sauce to the butter board craze and the cooking hacks that cover everything from mangos and tortillas to brownies and ramen the app, which was once used for short-form dance and lip-syncing videos, is now encouraging all of us to have more fun in the kitchen. That's because, on TikTok, even the most basic, everyday foods can be transformed into something new and adventurous even your morning coffee.

Whether you're still making the whipped coffee recipe that took over the app in 2020 or using it to explore new Starbucks orders, coffee TikTok is just one example of the actual influence that the app holds. Each and every day, new and exciting coffee drink recipes can be found with the tip of your fingers — one of the latest being banana coffee. While technically a smoothie, the viral drink is made up of two simple ingredients: frozen bananas and cold coffee, both whipped together in seconds with your old reliable kitchen blender.

How to elevate your banana coffee

Fruity and sweet flavors from the bananas balanced with the earthy bitterness of black coffee are blended into a thick and creamy consistency in your blender, banana coffee is perfectly fine as it is, but why not make it better? When it comes to elevating your banana coffee, you can use one of the early pandemic's internet viral foods for inspiration: banana bread. Baking spices and extracts like vanilla, almond, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom — or, if you like chocolate chips in your banana bread, cocoa powder — can be quickly tossed into your blender before mixing to quickly and easily enhance your banana coffee. Other ingredients, such as nuts and nut butter can also be added to the taste of your banana coffee while making it more satiating.

If you want to add a bit more sweetness and add a warm flavor that plays into the rest of the ingredients, date syrup could be another great addition to your banana coffee, almost mimicking the caramelized exterior of perfectly baked banana bread. Or, if you want even more banana flavor, use bananas that are extra ripe. You could also pour in a splash of banana milk, which would be a great way for someone who prefers hot coffee to participate in the trend. Whether you make your own at home or grab a carton from the grocery store, banana milk can be frothed or warmed and poured straight into your morning cup, along with any additional ingredients you like.