Honey Mustard Deserves A Spot On Your Next Cheese Board

Honey mustard is a supreme condiment because it has a delicate balance of sweet and tangy. That flavor combination pairs well with lots of foods including as a dip for chicken tenders or pretzels, a spread on sandwiches, a salad dressing, and as a marinade for salmon. You can really use it on anything — but have you tried it with hunks of cheese? It's a delicious pairing, which is why we suggest your next cheese board contains a ramekin of honey mustard for everyone's dipping pleasure.

You've probably had honey mustard from a slew of fast food restaurants, or maybe you've picked up a bottle at the grocery store. Sure, those varieties are delicious, but let's break down what goes into honey mustard, because it's certainly easy to make at home, and you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen pantry already. Honey mustard consists of honey, Dijon or yellow mustard (or a combination of the two), mayonnaise, and a blend of spices like garlic and onion powders, and paprika. Some variations use lemon juice or vinegar for acidity while others skip the mayo and use oil instead.

Using honey mustard on a cheese board

Why does honey mustard belong on your next cheese board? It's got that tangy sweetness we talked about earlier, which pairs well with many types of cheeses. For a little guidance, there are a few types of cheese that pair particularly well with the condiment. Cheddar, especially an extra sharp variety, is a good option because its sharpness will be tamed when experienced alongside the sweet mustard. Buttery and creamy cheeses like Brie, Camembert, and Gruyère are also good choices. If you have another favorite cheese, taste test it with honey mustard, and if you like the flavor combination, use it on your board.

The rest of your honey mustard-adorned cheese board is up to you. You can serve it with any crackers or toasted breads as the vessel for the cheese and honey mustard combo. Pretzels, or pretzel crackers, are another delicious choice, especially since honey mustard is a go-to dip for them. Grapes blend well with this condiment too because of their sweetness, and olives give your mouth some saltiness to round out the flavor profile. Don't forget to serve honey mustard with a spoon so your guests can drizzle (or drench) their cheese and crackers to their liking.