Honey Is The Perfect Finishing For Air Fryer Salmon

Thanks to the air fryer, you can get salmon that's simultaneously crispy and juicy in under 15 minutes. The beloved kitchen tool makes it simple to whip up the perfect filet, allowing you to experiment with different flavors easily. Throwing salt, pepper, and a few herbs on salmon will always deliver great results, but adding honey always gives it an upgrade.

A honey glaze and salmon is a classic combination, bringing a syrupy sweet taste to the fish. While plain honey is enough to coat your salmon in, bright, fresh flavors or rich aromatics can enhance the dish even more. Add a squeeze of lime and red pepper flakes for a tangy kick with heat to match. For umami-flavor, whisk miso and soy sauce into the honey before rubbing it onto the salmon filets.

Glazes are typically applied to the salmon before cooking. However, you can drizzle it onto your filet right before serving as well.

How to make air fryer salmon with honey

Start your cooking prep by skinning the salmon filet — place it on a rack above the sink and pour hot water onto the skin, softening it so you can easily remove it. Pat it dry and rub the salmon down with olive oil and then sprinkle it with salt, pepper, and whatever spices you want to use. If you prefer crispy salmon, you can toss it in breadcrumbs or panko for a crunchy finish.

Preheat the air fryer to 365 degrees Fahrenheit and place the salmon inside. To keep it moist on the inside, wrap it in foil paper and place it inside. After around eight to 10 minutes, remove the salmon and see if it flakes easily with a fork to know that it's done. Plate the salmon and drizzle honey over it. If you've made a glaze, pick it up with a spoon and gently spread it onto the salmon.