For More Flavorful Cured Yolks, Use Duck Eggs

Cured yolks add richness and umami to any dish. It's remarkable how these yellow orbs of goodness enhance everything from pasta carbonara to a piece of avocado toast. Creating cured yolks is a fairly straightforward process: The yolks are separated from the whites and salted, then chilled for several days before either being placed in a dehydrator or dried out in the oven at a very low temperature. Curing transforms the yolk's consistency, making it firmer. In their altered form, yolks are versatile and can be sliced, grated, and diced. You can even use a peeler to create thin ribbons of cured yolk.

While cured yolks are usually made from chicken eggs, you'll be pleasantly surprised if you try switching things up and using duck eggs instead. Once you crack them open, you can tell the eggs apart by the color of their yolks. Duck egg yolks are known for their deep orange color. Some believe that the yolks also taste richer, making them the better choice for cured yolks. 

Duck yolks pack an umami punch

There are a pair of good reasons why duck eggs are preferable over chicken eggs when it comes to making cured yolks. For one, there's a substantial size difference between the two types of eggs. Duck eggs can be up to double the size of their chicken counterparts. A bigger overall egg means a bigger yolk, too. That size increase can make a world of difference in terms of stretching your cured eggs.

Nutritionally speaking, there's a reason why duck eggs taste different than chicken eggs. Duck eggs contain more fat as well as more protein. The increase in fat translates into a richer and creamier flavor. So, a cured duck egg yolk packs a bigger punch in terms of both size and taste. Give duck eggs a try in place of the usual chicken eggs the next time you cure yolks, and you'll be surprised by how delicious they are.