Upgrade Your Apple Pie's Taste And Texture By Adding Pears

As delicious as a traditional apple pie recipe might be, there's always room for improvement when it comes to mastering culinary projects. Whether experimenting with spices, developing new recipes for pie crust, or sneaking zucchini into your desserts, the apple pies coming out of your oven certainly don't need to resemble the kinds of recipes your grandmother was baking. Elevating your apple pie recipes has never been easier and requires only a willingness to get creative in the kitchen. 

The next time you're browsing the fruit aisle at your local supermarket, stash extra fruit into your cart. Including other pieces of fruit — particularly sliced pears — can help create depth in your apple pies. The sweet, crispness of pears can turn up the flavor dial on your next apple pie, and when combined with firm, tart apples, the juices of the fruits equal a blend that could have been devised in an autumnal paradise.

Perfecting flavor and texture to serve

Taste and texture are important when it comes to putting apple pies together, yet the perfect balance of a sweet and gooey filling matched with a crisp and savory crust can seem elusive to create. Marry tart Granny Smith apples with seasonal pears for a dessert is just the right amount of sweetness, and consider adding cornstarch or instant tapioca to build a chewier texture in your juicy, fruity pie filling.

Dress up warm slices of freshly made pear-apple pie with spoonfuls of ice cream or caramel sauce and top with chocolate powder, flaky sea salt, desiccated coconut, or sprinkles of cinnamon to serve. If you like the warming taste of ginger, our pear-ginger pie recipe can serve as the foundation for your next apple pie experiment. Simply peel and slice the apples and pears in season and get ready to board the train to Pie Flavortown.