Cloud Bread Is The Vibrant And Fluffy Treat You Should Know

As kids, we often wondered what it would feel like to touch or even eat a cloud. While we were disappointed to discover that it's just vaporized water, TikTok is helping to keep that fantasy alive. A few years ago, a soft, fluffy treat called cloud bread blew up on the app and garnered over three billion views.

Although the recipe isn't anything new — it was created for the Atkins Diet in the 1970s — cloud bread took the internet by storm decades later. Despite the clever name, this keto-friendly dish isn't actually bread. Made from at least three or four ingredients, this "bread" is closer to being a meringue. While the original recipe contained egg whites, cream cheese or cottage cheese, and baking powder, people today often add sugar and swap out the baking powder for cornstarch or cream of tartar.

However, the real draw of social-media viral cloud bread comes from the additional flavoring and coloring added to the inside. If you've always dreamed of consuming cotton candy clouds, add pink and blue food coloring and cotton candy flavoring for a sweet and soft delight.

How to make cloud bread

After preheating the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, separate the whites of three eggs from their yolks and pour them into a bowl. If you're using cream of tartar instead of cornstarch, add it now and whisk the egg whites until they're frothy. In a different bowl, whip together the egg yolks, sugar, cream cheese, and cornstarch. If you're using food coloring and flavoring, mix them into the bowl with the egg yolks.

Gently fold this mixture into the egg whites, trying your best not to deflate the egg whites. Line a baking pan with parchment paper and scoop the mixture onto it, forming as many pieces of bread as you would like. Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes, or until the bread is golden brown.

Cloud bread can be eaten alone or topped with your favorite nut butter and fruit for a healthy breakfast. You can also make a savory version of cloud bread with cheese, garlic, and sesame seeds to simulate a bagel or sandwich.