The Meat Tenderizer Hack For Quick Minced Garlic

Mincing garlic is a common requirement in a wide variety of recipes from garlic aioli to zesty stir-fries. Because of this, cooks have sought and wielded numerous tools to achieve the perfect mince. Garlic presses, electronic mincers, and good old-fashioned knives are staples in kitchens everywhere. Yet, amidst these traditional instruments, an unexpected alternative emerges — the meat tenderizer.

It's not the first thing you think of, but the meat tenderizer works perfectly as a garlic mincer especially if you need lots of cloves for your dish. Additionally, it's much easier to use than a knife considering how tiny and awkwardly shaped garlic cloves are, which means chopping them up with a blade becomes a slightly arduous task. And even though it's easy to resort to store-bought minced garlic, especially in today's fast-paced world, any culinary enthusiast will attest that freshly minced garlic brings a vibrancy to dishes that its pre-packaged counterpart simply cannot match.

How to mince your garlic using a meat tenderizer

Start by peeling garlic cloves. Whether you need one or 10, this method can accommodate your recipe. Slide them into a standard plastic bag — the kind that might usually house your sandwiches. Ensure there's a bit of air trapped inside before sealing it, then place it on a flat, sturdy surface. Alternatively, you can use plastic wrap and fold it to house the cloves.

With your trusty meat tenderizer in hand, begin to tap the cloves gently. The idea is to break them down without completely smashing them — unless, of course, your recipe calls for garlic paste, in which case go at it! As you tap, you'll notice the cloves breaking apart, turning into that perfectly minced texture that's often hard to achieve even with knives. The sturdiness of the meat tenderizer coupled with the protective layer of the plastic bag ensures fine mincing and prevents unnecessary mess.

Once you're satisfied with the consistency, you can just open up the bag and pour out your freshly minced garlic directly into the pan or bowl. No garlic-sticky fingers, no strong odors lingering on your skin, and definitely no tiny pieces of cloves flying around your kitchen. This method also extracts the intense flavors better by breaking down the garlic more effectively. The result? A richer and more aromatic dish that'll leave everyone wondering about your secret ingredient.