Your Coronation Coleslaw Just Isn't The Same Without A Salty Crunch

Coleslaw is a simple way to use fresh produce in a tangy, creamy way. The side dish has long been a staple at BBQs and large events. Coronation coleslaw is a spiced take on the classic dish that's even better with a salty, crunchy bite from roasted cashews. Coronation coleslaw is a riff on coronation chicken, a dish invented for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The original coronation chicken featured a sauce consisting of mayo, red wine, whipped cream, apricot puree, and curry powder. The coleslaw version of this dish retains the same flavor profile using mayonnaise, golden raisins, and curry powder.

Roasted, salted cashews bring a more distinct crunch to the dish and balance out the creamy elements. Salt is important for elevating other flavors like curry powder. Plus, salt can reduce the bitterness you may get from the cabbage while highlighting and enhancing its sweetness, umami, and sourness. Cashews also bring a different texture to the coleslaw, which makes for a more interesting bite. Nuts in general are a good way to provide more substance to the dish by adding a source of protein, which can make the coleslaw feel more satisfying.

Coronation coleslaw tips

Making coronation coleslaw is simple. The recipe contains most of the same ingredients as normal coleslaw with a few other additions. Your coleslaw salad base will remain mostly the same: a blend of carrots and cabbage. It's here that you'll add your chopped cashews and golden raisins for a hint of sweetness. Other things to add to the base of your salad include green onions, fennel, or celery depending on your preferences and what ingredients you have on hand. Coleslaw is a great dish for cleaning the old produce out of your fridge.

When making the dressing for your coleslaw, remember the components of the original coronation chicken. You can stick with a traditional coleslaw dressing and add curry powder to it, but you could also add things such as red wine vinegar and apricot preserves to better mimic the original dish. The dressing stage is the right time to decide if you want a sweeter or more savory coleslaw based on the seasonings and ingredients that you use. After combining your salad with the dressing, be sure to taste it and see if you need more of any individual flavor for balance.