The Hasselback Cooking Method Is For More Than Just Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes, with their crispy outsides and soft centers, can be the perfect accompaniment to many meals. The cooking method, which was invented in the 1950s in a Swedish hotel restaurant called the Hasselbacken, involves thinly slicing an item but stopping before you reach the very bottom. This allows for the top to become crisp in the oven, while all herbs and seasonings are thoroughly and evenly distributed. The good news is that Hasselbacking is not limited to just the spud.

The unique method can be used to enhance everything from roast chicken to squash. If you Hasselback, there's no need to marinate meat and fish for hours or fumble around with a flavor injector. Thinly slicing your turkey breast, pork tenderloin, or eggplant, without cutting right through, also gives you free rein to season food without adhering to a single flavor profile.

Each little pocket can contain its own ingredients — perfect if you want variety or you're making a dish for more than one person. You can even Hasselback bread for a cheesy, pull-apart treat. On top of elevating the flavor and texture of your food, Hasselbacking decreases the amount of time that your food has to cook. Read ahead for more ideas on how you can Hasselback everything your heart desires.

What foods should you Hasselback?

One of the best things about the Hasselback method is that you can easily stuff your meal of choice with whatever you like. Hasselback zucchini with herbs and breadcrumbs offers a crisp take on the otherwise soft squash. Simply thinly slice the zucchini and add herbs, butter, and breadcrumbs for a crunchy, filling meal or side. Alternatively, crank up the flavor hit by nestling bits of bacon and minced garlic in between the slices.

Instead of baking a classic Mediterranean stuffed eggplant, you could place sliced grape tomatoes, basil, olives, and bell peppers into different pockets of the eggplant, giving you a new take on ratatouille. You can also transform the vegetable into a Hasselbacked crispy eggplant Parmesan for a change from the classic recipe.

Hasselback butternut squash before roasting for a crispy, caramelized autumnal treat. Place pieces of gouda and gruyere in between the layers and sprinkle cinnamon on top before eating. Or try thyme, walnuts, and pomegranate. The method is also great for fish filets, chicken breast, or tenderloin. You can stuff them with your favorite flavors, then drizzle the finished product with a sweet glaze for a tangy flavor that seeps through the whole dish.