Look To The Snack Aisle For A Salty Crunch In Your Homemade Kimbap

Your favorite salty snacks in your kimbap? Why not? From rolling crunched-up pieces of potato chips inside of your sheets of seaweed to sprinkling crunchy flakes of Fritos on the outside of your sushi-like masterpieces, salty snacks can add a delightful, crunchy texture that can elevate your next homemade meal. Simply crunch up a bag of your favorite chips or use the broken pieces in the bottom of your nearly emptied snack bags for the tasty upgrade.

The placement of the salty, crunchy addition is up to you. Use intact chips as vehicles for rice or tuna tartare, then top your finished creations with sprinkles of sesame seeds or chopped chives for an added boost of flavor. This unique approach to kimbap-making results in a fun-to-eat treat that can be an entertaining group project with friends or family chipping in to make snack-enhanced rolls of their own choosing.

Searching your pantry for kimbap supplies

Once you've tried using potato chips as a salty addition to your kimbap rolls, experiment with some of the other snacks you have tucked away in your cupboards. From dried edamame to honey peanuts, spicy Cheetos to Kettle chips, get your rolling pin ready to smash your snacks into pieces that can be used in your kimbap dishes. 

Unique flavor combinations can dress up traditional rolls of buttery avocado and crisp slices of cucumbers, and the inclusion of a salty texture can amplify the taste of any proteins you decide to include. Think salmon matched with flakes of Pringles or folded egg omelets combined with powdery sprinkles made from your favorite pretzels. Your next kimbap night may look similar to a science lab with the various flavor combinations available to you, but you can count on your homemade kimbap attempts to never be boring once you've looked inside your pantry for culinary inspiration.