The Best Wine To Pair With Fries, According To Sommelier Vanessa Price

If you're looking to elevate your snack game, look no further. In an exclusive conversation with Tasting Table, Vanessa Price — the bestselling author of "Big Macs & Burgundy," sommelier, and owner of the newly-opened coastal oasis, Mavericks Montauk – dishes out tips for how to add sophistication to your favorite snacks with perfect wine pairings. Trust us, you'll never look at fries and chips the same way again.

When it comes to classic french fries, Price offers a surprisingly elegant pairing. "In my book, 'Big Macs & Burgundy,' I pair classic French fries with Cava from Spain. It is a sparkling wine made in the traditional method, so while it's made like champagne, it is different. They aren't aged as long, so they usually have a fresh verve that suits your tangy ketchup accompaniment nicely, all while carrying the delightful salt and grease combo of the fries perfectly against the salinity and bright acidity of the wine," she explains.

The complementary blend of flavors and sensations for this surprising duo brings out the best qualities of each, transforming your typical snacking experience into a culinary masterpiece. It's like having a gourmet feast right in your own home, one fry and one sip at a time.

How to pair cheese fries and chips with wine

But Price doesn't stop there — her expertise even extends to the delicious world of cheese fries, the loaded cousin of the classic potato straws. "With cheese fries, I'd take it up a notch in power! A new world sparkling wine, perhaps from a warmer place like California, would be a fun approach," Price states. The reason behind this? "The suds and acidity are complemented by more fruitiness from the warmer climate. So the idea behind contrasting fat and acid remain[s] the same, just adding more fruit and richness for the cheese," she elaborates.

And when you don't have time to fry, Price has a luxurious but straightforward recommendation for those die-hard fans of potato chips like Lay's and UTZ. "For a classic potato chip, I'd stick with the classic champagne. Any excuse to drink the good stuff!" she quips. So whether you're planning a cozy night in or considering visiting Mavericks Montauk to explore Price's curated wine selection, these expert pairings promise a touch of sophistication to your everyday snacking. Raise a glass (responsibly) and a fry, cheese fry, or chip to savoring life's simpler pleasures with newfound elegance. Cheers to that!