How Long You Should Be Cooking Cod In The Air Fryer

The air fryer rose to popularity a few years ago and it's prominence doesn't seem to be waning. Everyone's favorite appliance can be used for everything from crispy homemade French fries to corn on the cob. As versatile as it is, one of the absolute best uses for your air fryer is for fish.

The speed of air fryers cuts down on cooking time for a variety of foods, especially meats and fish. When compared to their counterparts, lean fish like cod typically don't take as long to cook. It takes around 20 minutes to bake cod after 20 minutes of preheating the oven. However, air fryers tend to heat up faster, shortening the standard cooking time.

Instead of leaving cod to cook for 20 minutes, the fish should be done after around 10 minutes in the air fryer. But since the air fryer is so powerful, it's best to check on the cod every now and then to make sure that it doesn't burn or dry out. Once the fish can be flaked with a fork, you can turn off the air fryer.

Tips on making fish in air fryer

One tip you need when cooking with an air fryer is to utilize aluminum foil. With constant heat coming from multiple angles, it's easy for food to dry out quickly. Wrap your fish in foil to trap moisture in, leaving you with tender, juicy fish. Just make sure it's not blocking any of the air vents in the fryer basket.

If you know that your fish is going to take around 10 minutes to cook, set the air fryer for five minutes. To cook evenly, fish needs to be flipped halfway through cooking. Otherwise, you'll have one side that's undercooked and one that's perfectly done.

It's easy to forget about the fish going in the air fryer while busying yourself with other tasks, so let your air fryer remind you. You can also get an even cook when you give your fish enough room to breathe. Overcrowding the air fryer basket results in filets not cooking on time, or at all.