The Simple Addition That Cuts The Sweetness Of Store-Bought Frosting

We get it: Store-bought frosting is an easy way to quickly put together tasty desserts. With minimal effort, beautiful treats can be served with confidence, yet the packaged sugary spread can often deliver more of a sweet wallop than certain recipes call for. While many might enjoy the sweeter tastes these pre-made frostings offer, for other eaters, the sugary decoration is simply too much when slathered on top of cakes and cupcakes. Fortunately, there's an easy solution for your baked goods, and with little effort, you can be on your way to presenting frosted goodies without any hesitation.

Instead of relegating your treats to whatever flavor of frosting that you picked up in the baking aisle, think of the pre-made ingredient as your starting point. Too sweet? Simply add salt to the frosting you've purchased and taste your creation as you go to make sure you nail the perfect balance of sweetness. 

Making packaged frosting work for your recipes

If you mistakenly pour too much salt into the mix, you'll have to get creative in rescuing the mixture, so start slowly and sample along the way to avoid any catastrophe. You can also experiment with different salts for added textural crunch or unique flavors. Flakier salt variations can bring an unexpected bite to frosted treats, and Himalayan pink salt can build layers of savory flavor in the store-bought icing. To keep your sugary spread silky smooth, use finer salt to blend easily into the batch. 

If your decorating spread is in need of a flavor boost beyond the extra hit of salt, packaged frostings can also be elevated with added ingredients like coconut flakes or fruit. Depending on the recipes you're putting together in your kitchen, the frosting of your own creation can be thickened up or thinned down to match your culinary projects. In fact, your store-bought frosting may be easily mistaken for something homemade.