A Bench Scraper Is The Kitchen Tool You Need To Easily Cut Dessert Bars

Bakers know that cutting up those dessert bars is an art form all its own. Whether you are cutting up a sticky block of Rice Krispie treats, slicing up brownies or gooey butter bars for a school bake sale, or making certain everyone's favorite lemon squares are of equal proportion for book club chatter, there is one basic kitchen tool you need to easily manage the task: a bench scraper.

The bench scraper is a multi-purpose kitchen tool that looks like a small, flat, square sheet of metal with a handle. It functions like a dull knife and is often used to cut up bread and pastry dough, as well as fresh pasta noodles. But you can use it to scoop up chopped foods or to scrape excess frosting from a cake. It is one of those kitchen tools that won't break the bank, and you can actually purchase one with a 6-inch ruler that runs along the edge which can be a game changer when you are seeking uniformity in the size of your baked goods.

No more sawing

How does a bench scraper work better than your standard knife to cut up dessert bars? A bench scraper is going to be easier to maneuver. Instead of sawing through those bar cakes and cookies with a knife, the bench scraper has you using a quick and decisive straight-up and straight-down cutting motion, resulting in a clean cut. This means you are less likely to have lots of crumbs to clean up. If you are dealing with a sticky treat, make certain to grease your bench scraper with a nonstick spray or a little butter so it doesn't stick to the dessert as you cut it up.

To get the best cut, decide whether you want long rectangle bars for a more delicate, lady-like-looking dessert or the tried and true square. Determine the number of rows and columns needed to achieve the number of dessert bars needed, and then simply use the ruler end of your bench scraper to ensure each one is the same size. It is really that easy.