Solo Per Due Is The Exquisite Italian Restaurant With Only 2 Seats

Craving a more intimate dining experience? Solo Per Due is more than happy to oblige. Translating to "just for two", the restaurant caters exclusively to couples, duos, and pairs. Initially conceived in the 1980s as a way to do without the frustration of overcrowded eateries, Solo Per Due has made a name for itself as the world's smallest restaurant. But make no mistake — what it lacks in size, it makes up for in the quality of its cuisine and ambiance. 

In a charming town just north of Rome, Solo Per Due occupies the cozy yet opulent dining room of a 20th-century stone mansion. Believed to be located on the estate of the ancient Roman poet Horace, the grounds are studded with lush gardens and a stunning landscape that overlooks vineyards and olive groves below. Unsurprisingly, its whimsical nature is the perfect backdrop for couples looking to celebrate a special occasion. 

Reserving well in advance, parties of two can expect to enjoy a seasonal, Italian-inspired meal that's tailored to taste and paired with the best local wines for a $500 price tag. Top-notch service is also a guarantee — ring a silver bell and (otherwise hidden) waitstaff appear! Additionally, guests can also arrange to have floral displays and fireworks included, as well as private transportation and accommodations for when the evening draws to a close for a truly bespoke experience that goes beyond dining.

Breaking down the appeal of Solo Per Due

While the intrigue of a restaurant for two definitely is enough of a gimmick to make its way onto your restaurant bucket list, there's something special about establishments that cater to just a few guests. First and foremost, the concept is unique. Bringing a whole new meaning to "dinner for two", these eateries are not the norm, which is precisely what gives them an edge and draws customers in. Then, there's also the appeal of intimate dining itself — there's no need to yell over one another in a bustling restaurant, nor is there fear that someone is eavesdropping on your conversation. Essentially, restaurants like Solo Per Due offer the luxury of privacy.

The fact that teeny, tiny restaurants are rare also means that they are near-impossible to book, drumming up even more interest. So, snagging a reservation not only gives the impression of exclusivity, but also status. Since a more customized dining experience can be offered in an intimate setting, restaurants like Solo Per Due also boast a degree of elegance. Every single detail can be perfectly curated, making the experience run without a hitch, which can inspire curious foodies to pay such eateries a visit. Of course, restaurants specifically designed to accomomdate groups of two aren't for everyone. If crowds are more of your vibe, then you could always check out the world's largest restaurant, instead. But, that's a tale for another day.