Pringles Joins The Everything Bagel Trend With Its Newest Crisp Flavor

Everything is everywhere right now, and the hottest flavor in the country just scored another new product with Pringles new Everything Bagel crisps. Pringles has been churning out the new crisp (not chip) flavors recently, debuting its Harvest Blend varieties just a few months ago, right on the heels of other new offerings like Enchilada Adobada, Ketchup, and Hot Honey. Despite that rapid slate of releases, the purveyors of stacked potatoes aren't showing any signs of slowing down, and now it is jumping on the biggest bandwagon in snack food flavors with Everything Bagel.

In a press release sent to Tasting Table, Pringles says its newest crisp flavor "delivers an authentic 'everything' bagel flavor experience — cream cheese and all." Along with the cream cheese, the everything bagel seasoning includes the flavor of poppy seed, sesame, garlic, and onion. The company isn't shy about what they are after either, openly stating that its crisp is chasing a "nationwide trending" and fan-favorite flavor. Marketing lead Mauricio Jenkins adds that Pringles is looking to create a "seamless snacking experience" that lets customers enjoy the full range of flavor in everything bagels without a trip to the shop. The Everything Bagel crisps are a limited-time release flavor that starts in late August, and Pringles recommends using its website to locate a store where you can snag the closest canister. 

Everything seasoning is having a big moment beyond Pringles

Pringles may be one of the most high-profile brands to embrace the everything bagel seasoning trend, but the momentum has been building for years. The "everything" flavor has been a favorite for decades at bagel shops, but the current explosion in popularity dates back to Trader Joe's debuting a stand-alone seasoning blend, sans bagel, in 2017. The runaway success of the "Everything but the Bagel" blend led to Trader Joe's releasing crackers, dips, and of course, chips based on the flavor. Given our novelty-obsessed food culture right now, where brands are turning out new flavors and dropping old ones almost seasonally, the staying power of the everything bagel products has been impressive.

Since that initial release, all kinds of brands have tried to get in on the everything action. There have been natural pairs like everything-flavored Ritz, Kettle-Cooked Lays, and Pretzel Crisps, along with less obvious products like hot sauces and ranch dressing. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams even released an Everything Bagel flavor that you can still grab right now. The love for everything bagel flavors is bound to ebb like every other trend, but right now, you have an incredible variety of choices if you enjoy that classic deli taste.