Pringles Is Shaking Things Up With Sweet Potato Chip Flavors

Lovers of sweet potato fries and classic Pringle chips can finally rejoice, as the world-famous chip brand is embracing the flavorful magic of the sweet spuds and whole grains. The stackable, snackable chip maker from the Kellogg Company is introducing Harvest Blends, a line featuring a blended mix of multigrain and sweet potato in four new signature, savory flavors. 

According to a press release, the new variety of chips is currently available nationwide in the U.S. One of Pringles' marketing leads, Mauricio Jenkins, described the new chips as "one that is both familiar with the bold flavors [the brand's] fans know and love, and completely unique with its irresistibly crunchy texture and flavorful blends of sweet potato and multigrain." 

From the sweet potato chips, you can expect a base flavor of mellow sweetness from the sweet potato and a touch of creamy black bean, and subtle nuttiness from the chips made from many toasted grains. But what flavors are these new chips coated?  

The mighty Pringle chip goes orange

Pringles is sticking to some tried-and-true classic combos for the most satisfying chip. First up is the cheesy Multigrain Farmhouse Cheddar, a delicious blend of sharp-aged cheddar, sea salt, and the aforementioned multigrain and sweet potato blend. For those who like a touch of ranch dust on their chips, try Multigrain Homestyle Ranch, a zesty chip that balances the latent sugariness of the sweet potato and multigrain. 

Barbecue lovers also have a good choice with the Sweet Potato Smoky BBQ flavor, which combines the aromatic chili notes with the rich sweet potato. Or, you can keep it simple with the final flavor, Sweet Potato Sea Salt. The final chip is all about celebrating the unadorned flavor of the multigrain and sweet potato, only highlighted by a touch of sea salt. 

If you're looking to see which nearby stores sell this new line, head to Pringles' website to check for its availability.