The Clever Method For Adding More Flavor To Your Store-Bought Dinner Rolls

We get it, store-bought rolls offer a delicious (and easy) way to complete your dinner, even if you serve them straight out of the package. But like any true home cook knows, there are always ways to elevate even the simplest of foods, including those rolls. We're thinking fresh herbs, creamy top-notch butter, and even melted cheese to take your dinner rolls to the next level. The trick, however, is putting these ingredients inside the rolls, instead of on top, because butter, cheese, and herbs like parsley will most likely get burnt that way when they're placed in the oven.

These delicious ingredients might even fall off, so your best bet is to butter the top of the rolls so they brown perfectly, and keep those other goodies for the inside. This trick isn't going to work well with frozen rolls, so go with store-bought rolls that are pre-cooked and attached so they can be easily cut in half and stuffed. Brands like King's Hawaiian sweet rolls (yummy!) and Pepperidge Farm classic dinner rolls are two good options for this technique.

Upgrading your store-bought dinner rolls

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to which ingredients you should stuff inside your dinner rolls. You could start by making a simple 3-ingredient garlic butter, or using the fanciest butter you have in the fridge, to spread and brown the tops perfectly. Now, let's get to the insides. Try your best to cut the whole package in half evenly lengthwise and then spread your favorite filling throughout. For an easy spreadable option, a flavored cream cheese or plain cream cheese mixed with scallions or fresh herbs like parsley are two delicious ideas.

Do you prefer more cheese? Go with something that has a high fat content and moisture because those varieties melt better. Think: brie, mozzarella, Gruyère, or Gouda. You can shred and combine any of those cheeses and mix them with fresh (or dry) herbs. Then throw the top layer of the rolls back on and place them in the oven. When it comes to baking, check the package for warming instructions, because these pre-cooked rolls don't require much time in the oven. For a final touch, we recommend sprinkling finishing salt on top of the rolls after they come out of the oven.