Ted Lasso Fans Can Now Snack On 'Biscuits With The Boss' Shortbreads

The feel-good comedy "Ted Lasso" from Apple TV+ may have wrapped on what is likely its final season earlier this year, but fans can still hold on to the show for a little bit longer with the release of "Biscuits with the Boss" shortbread cookies. "Ted Lasso" follows the story of the eponymous American football coach who gets hired to coach an English soccer team owned by Rebecca Welton. "Biscuits with the Boss" references a popular recurring bit in the show where the title character bonds with the owner over shortbread cookies. And now, inspired by the series, Mackenzie Limited is partnering with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to launch its own show-themed shortbread cookie.

"Sharing a shortbread biscuit is an invitation to connect and share a moment of warmth and friendship," said Laura McManus, President of Mackenzie Limited, in a press release sent to Tasting Table. Trying to capture the homemade taste of the character Ted Lasso's shortbread, "Biscuits with the Boss" cookies are made with basic, all-natural ingredients like butter, sugar, and salt. The recipe has a classic English shortbread profile: lightly sweet and salty with a rich butter flavor and crumbly texture. Boxes of the shortbread, which are styled after the pink box from the show and contain 10 cookies, are available for pre-order on the Mackenzie Limited website, and will begin shipping out on September 5. They will only be available while supplies last.

Ted Lasso 'Biscuits with the Boss' are inspired by the famous shortbread cookies from the show

Mackenzie's biscuits may be the most literal promotion for the cookies from the show, but it's not the first food inspired by "Ted Lasso." Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams featured a limited-time flavor earlier this year, also called "Biscuits with the Boss," that featured sweet butter ice cream with crumbled shortbread cookies. There was even a "Ted Lasso" pop-up restaurant in Kansas City, the hometown of both the fictional character and the actor who plays him, Jason Sudeikis. The bevy of food-based promotion is no surprise, as Ted's eating habits on the show were an integral part of his character, including having to adapt to popular English favorites like curry, and his all-American love of peanut butter.

Shortbread itself was an attempt by the character not just to be friendly with his boss, but to fit in with his surroundings. Shortbread biscuits trace their history back to Scotland in the Middle Ages, and are traditionally made with just three simple ingredients: butter, flour, and sugar. And while the ease of homemade shortbread is as much a part of the appeal as its delicate texture, we can all understand the need to skip the baking and grab a box of high-quality cookies. Just make sure you're fast because, like the show itself, these biscuits won't last forever.