The Spooky Novelty Popcorn Bucket That Disney Fans Absolutely Adore

When you think Disney collectibles, you likely think Mickey Mouse ears or a Buzz Lightyear figure, but the hottest item online right now is a popcorn bucket. Disney inspires a passionate fandom, and few events are as big as Halloween at Disney theme parks, which transform the bright and happy parks into a nighttime celebration of everything spooky and scary. This being Disney, the Halloween events, like Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, are also full of highly sought-after Disney-themed collectible items. While there are cups and bottle toppers galore, some of the most sought-after items in the past few years have been popcorn buckets, intricately designed items with a poppable hatch for storing and snacking on popcorn. And the newest bucket may just be the most impressive one yet.

The 2023 Halloween popcorn bucket at Disney comes from the ever-popular "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and is based on the Mayor's car from the movie. The black-and-orange gothic truck features pumpkin headlights, the mayor sitting up front, and characters like Shock and Scary Teddy peeking from the windows. A hatch in the top opens up to reveal the interior container, which holds the popcorn. The "Nightmare Before Christmas" bucket is available at multiple vendors in Disneyland and California Adventure, including at the Haunted Castle and during Mickey's Halloween Party events at Disney World. Disney fan blogs and accounts on social media are already helping the bucket go viral, and it looks like it will be a hot commodity all season long.

The Nightmare Before Christmas popcorn bucket has fans raving

Popular Disney theme park fan accounts have already been posting shots of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' popcorn bucket online, with LBVTV on TikTok and Disney Food Blog on Twitter racking up millions of views. Viewers have been thrilled, with people commenting "NOT A WANT BUT A NEED," and one lucky park-goer saying "got it at last night's Halloween party and I've never been happier." The accounts also show that the bucket is going for $28.00, with popcorn included in the purchase.

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Mayor's Car popcorn bucket has definitely been the star of Halloween at Disney so far, but it's not the only one available. There is also a more bucket-shaped bucket with cartoons featuring characters from the Tim Burton classic around the outside, another "Nightmare Before Christmas" bucket shaped like Zero the ghost-dog, and a Mickey Mouse one with the Disney mascot in a skeleton costume. In fact, these "Nightmare Before Christmas" popcorn buckets have actually become quite the tradition at Disney. In 2017, a bucket shaped like Oogie Boogie, the villain from the movie, also went viral and led to an hour-long line to grab one. So if you miss out on your chance at a popcorn bucket this time around, well, there is bound to be a new one next year.