Disneyland's 2023 Halloween Food Guide Is Packed With Spine-Tingling New Treats

Disneyland may be best known for iconic theme-park attractions, but true fans know it's also a great food destination. Disneyland of course has an array of snacks like their churros and famous Dole Whip that can compete with the best treats outside of the park. There are even Disneyland restaurants like Blue Bayou that can be harder to get into than a Michelin-starred spot. Of course, no great food destination would be complete without seasonal offerings, and Disney's 2023 Halloween food guide, which is always full of tasty horror and fall-themed offerings, has just been revealed by Disney Eats.

The new menu will be launching some of its items on August 29, with most continuing to be available through November 9, and features a massive array of new creations and returning favorites. Some sweet highlights include a Mickey Mouse bat cookie at the Market House, which is shortbread dipped in dark chocolate with a vampire Mickey face, and an intense Halloween chocolate milkshake that's topped with a chocolate cupcake, candy corn, rock candy, orange sprinkles, and a chocolate drizzle at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes. Fans will also find a collectible Mickey Mouse skeleton bucket and Minnie Mouse: Hocus Pocus Halloween dress-up sipper. And if you'd rather sate your appetite for horror in a savory way, there are plenty of additional options.

Vegan options and cocktails included

Disneyland's full guide for Halloween has over 30 brand-new items spread across all the park's various eateries. If you are really hungry, you'll want to head to Smokejumpers Grill, which will have a Mexican-inspired Ghostly Double beef and soy chorizo cheeseburger with ghost pepper black bean spread, avocado crema, and pico de gallo. For hot dog lovers, there is a spicy chili dog, and the Hungry Bear will have new red pepper cheese onion rings and fries. And they haven't left out vegetarians; there's also a new plant-based cauliflower Curry Royale at Tomorrowland's Skyline terrace.

We know what else you are wondering about if you're a parent or just an enthusiastic Disney adult, and yes, there are some good-looking Halloween cocktails. Both locations of the Lamplight Lounge will have a new mule with spiced rum, butterscotch schnapps, apple-spiced simple syrup, lemon juice, and ginger beer. You can also pair your Ghostly Burger at Smokejumpers with a Ghoulish Fizz, a concoction of gin, blood orange syrup, lime, and orange juice. It certainly seems like no matter where you stop during your fall trip to Disney you'll have at least one special Halloween option available to you. We just hope their chefs got a break between putting together such a massive menu and their holiday and Christmas offerings that we'll see later this year.