Try Dressing Your Egg Toast In Shallot Vinaigrette For A Tangy Twist

Eggs on toast isn't the most inventive breakfast out there. Sure, it gets the job done, but there are only so many ways to enjoy it. You can make soft and fluffy scrambled eggs on white toast, a poached egg on wheat bread, or a soft-boiled egg on sourdough — different variations with roughly the same taste. Luckily, egg toast can be made more exciting by topping it off beyond the bare necessities of the dish. Garnishing it with chopped chives and parsley or red pepper flakes with feta cheese can enhance the flavor, but if you're really looking to dress up your egg toast, try adding a shallot vinaigrette.

The dressing adds a biting, acidic taste to your run-of-the-mill egg toast. Reminiscent of a deconstructed omelet, the vinaigrette is equally as good on top of your eggs compared to when it's cooked in them. If you've never liked onions in your omelets, shallots are their more sophisticated cousin. With a mild onion flavor and sweet, garlic aftertaste, shallots are your go-to ingredient to upgrade salads and much more. Chefs are prone to choosing them over onions in dishes, making them the perfect way to upgrade your egg toast.

How to make shallot vinaigrette for egg toast

Mince as many shallots as you like and add it to a jar along with white or red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil, and Dijon mustard. Mix everything together and shake the jar until the vinaigrette thickens. Scoop it onto your egg toast and enjoy it like that, or add to the recipe.

A base of avocado always pairs well with egg toast, but you can also add bits of smoked salmon, crushed cherry tomatoes, or shredded cheese. Since the vinaigrette is typically made for salads, place a bed of arugula and spinach topped with the shallots before adding your eggs. Or, switch up the eggs Benedict by swapping out sweet Hollandaise sauce for a tangy vinaigrette instead.

For a double dose of shallots, you can make an omelet or scrambled eggs with the ingredient. Toss in feta, mushrooms, and spinach when cooking and place it on toast, spooning the shallot vinaigrette over it afterward.