Trader Joe's Elote Seasoning Adds A Mexican Flavor Twist To Popcorn

Looking for something to upgrade your popcorn? A sprinkling of Trader Joe's Everything But the Elote Seasoning Blend brings a Mexican street corn twist to this classic movie-time snack. It's perfect for at-home date nights because the seasonings contained in this little glass jar cover all the same territory as the best romantic comedies: sweet (falling in love), salty (the fight), a little spicy (when they make up), and a lot of cheese (the ending).

In case you've missed out on the whole elote trend taking the U.S. by storm in the last few years, the word elote itself means corncob in Spanish. But more broadly, and especially in the context of this seasoning, it refers to a popular Mexican snack food sold by street vendors: Well-seasoned, freshly grilled, piping hot, corn on the cob is served on a handy-dandy stick. Also referred to as Mexican street corn, elote is covered in a rich butter-mayo cream sauce, and then a dusting of cotija cheese, followed by an array of tangy, spicy Mexican seasonings. TJ's jarred version of the seasoning blend makes it easy to DIY this mouthwateringly delicious treat on the grill in your own backyard, but it's even easier to use it to make your popcorn sing with flavor.

Elote seasoning and popcorn go hand-in-hand

Trader Joe's Everything But The Elote Seasoning tries to deliver the elote experience sans the corn itself (hence the name). Among its ingredients are chipotle powder, chile pepper, cumin, Parmesan cheese, dried cilantro, and sea salt. It also contains cane sugar and corn flour to hint at the sweet corn it takes its inspiration from. And it delivers on its promise — especially when it comes to corn dishes.

Just in case it's not completely obvious, popcorn is the perfect snack food to use this spicy blend on for a fun fiesta on Friday movie night. A word of caution though, a little of this seasoning goes a long way so, until you're familiar with it, it's best not to overdo it. If you're starting with unbuttered popcorn, toss your popcorn in butter first before adding your seasoning a little at a time, using a large spoon as you go to help the seasoning coat and evenly distribute onto the popcorn. And while it might sound corny, a snack topper this good could make your next Netflix and chill session so tasty that, before you know it, your sweetheart may just want to elote with you in Vegas.