The Peanut And Squid-Infused Korean Snack Andrew Zimmern Swears By

Andrew Zimmern is no stranger to trying unique food items across the globe, and one particular international treat that Zimmern swears by is a peanut and squid-infused snack that has gained fame in Korea: Orion Peanut Ball with Squid Flavor. These puffed rice balls are the perfect amount of crunchy, salty, sweet, and satisfying. And, in a video for Complex, Zimmern describes the snack, a peanut butter-covered peanut encased in a rice cracker, as a "savory peanut M&M."

Zimmern explains that he finds international treats like these by asking locals for help and recommendations. From this, he discovers food items that quickly become some of his go-to's. If you want to try Orion Peanut Ball With Squid Flavor, you can find the product online through retailers like Amazon and Walmart. You can also check your local Asian market or H Mart to see if they carry the snack.

What makes the peanut and squid ball

The outer rice cracker shell is made with rice flour to create a crunchy, sweet shell, and inside that shell lives dried cuttlefish, which gives the snack a subtle, fish flavor. While this taste profile may seem unconventional to a Western audience, fish-infused snacks are quite popular in Korea. Other popular children's snacks include Nongshim Tako Chips, octopus-shaped seafood-flavored chips, and Saeukkang, shrimp-flavored crackers. Seafood is a major part of the Korean diet; the country ranks among the highest for seafood consumption in the world.

What really elevates this Korean snack is the hidden peanut at the center of the ball. This salty surprise is part of what makes the snack so addictive for Zimmern. The peanut center is a pleasant contrast with the light and airy rice cracker. Next time you're deciding which snack to pick up for the week, consider branching out internationally. Who knows? You may just find a new favorite.