Why You Should Consider Making Bagels In The Air Fryer

Making homemade bagels is an undertaking. From mixing up the bagel dough, waiting for the yeast to rise, and molding it into the familiar bagel shape, to boiling, topping, and baking, it's not quick and just not something you decide to do on a whim. Some experts even recommend using a baking stone. Bagel-making takes planning and careful consideration. That is unless you have some plain yogurt and an air fryer. Then it's almost as easy as a trip to the bagel shop — no yeast, no boil, no bake, no fuss.

In fact, air fryer bagels are so simple the basic version requires just two ingredients: the aforementioned yogurt and self-rising flour. Greek yogurt is what most recipes call for, though soy and coconut-based versions can also be used for a vegan version. Just make sure the yogurt is plain. For the flour, a self-rising one makes for the easiest method. But if you can't get self-rising, all-purpose flour works great too, you'll just need to add a little baking powder and salt into the mix, essentially concocting your own.

With a short prep time and an equally short cooking time, air fryer bagels are a surefire way to up your breakfast, brunch, or lunch game. And they're chewy and delicious just like the real deal! No air fryer? No problem. You can follow the same instructions but bake them in the oven instead (it just takes a little longer).

How to make air fryer bagels

To make a salmon-lox-worthy air fryer bagel, start by preheating your air fryer to between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what your specific recipe calls for. In a large bowl, mix the yogurt and self-rising flour (or your own flour mixture) together until combined. You can even add some of the seasoning you're topping the bagel with directly into the dough, to add more flavor throughout. Once the yogurt and flour are thoroughly mixed, transfer the dough to a floured surface and knead it for several minutes.

Next, divide the dough into four portions and roll it into four dough balls before stretching a hole in the center to create a ringed donut or bagel shape. After you have the bagel formed you can apply some egg wash to it for better browning (butter also works). Finally, add your seasonings. Some popular flavors are, of course, everything, poppy seed, sesame seed, asiago or other cheeses, and cinnamon sugar.

Now your bagels are ready to cook. Line the air fryer basket with parchment paper and lay the bagels on top, leaving room in between. Air fry for between 8-12 minutes depending on how high you set your temperature. Just watch for when the bagels have risen and are golden. Let sit for 5 minutes and enjoy.