Panera Is Allegedly Cutting Its Menu, Ditching Vegan Soups And Cold Brew

In a viral TikTok, a Panera employee said that they recently received an extensive list of items that will be gone from the restaurant's menu including fan-favorite soups, all of its cold brew options, and some bakery items. The Bistro French Onion Soup and Ten Vegetable Soup are some of the highlighted options about to go. And customers are understandably freaking out.

Panera initially made headlines in 2019 when it added the Ten Vegetable Soup to its menu since it was the chain's first vegan soup to join its lineup in three years. On the other hand, the Bistro French Onion Soup has been around for years but was reinstated in 2020 after a temporary break from the menu caused an uproar on social media. 

While the company isn't officially confirming or denying whether the menu items are in fact disappearing, Panera said in a statement to Tasting Table, "In service of continually improving upon the guest experience, we are currently testing a streamlined menu in a small amount of Panera bakery-cafes, providing guests with a faster and more convenient experience while also simplifying operations for our associates. We always have a number of tests running across the country to identify new ways to better serve our guests, whether that's by menu innovation, simplification or through new technology."

Grain bowls and other items are allegedly getting the boot too

The fan-favorite Bistro French Onion soup features sweet caramelized onions in a sherry wine-laden broth and is topped with homemade black pepper focaccia croutons, while the Ten Vegetable includes tomatoes, onions, corn, and carrots amongst its ten-veggie lineup. While the video claims the Bistro French Onion Soup is vegan, the chain's website says it contains fontina mozzarella cheese. The social media user who broke the news explained that these two soups are allegedly vanishing from the menu due to downsizing driven by the chain's Chief Operating Officer.

While the soups may be some of the most notable alleged cuts from Panera's menu, they're not the only items on the chopping block. According to the TikToker, all of the chain's cold brew drinks are set to go, including the Madagascar Vanilla Cream and Almond Cold Brew. The Chocolate Latte and Decaf Espresso Shot are also getting the boot. As they mention in the video, ditching the decaf espresso means Panera employees will no longer be able to make almost all decaf drinks, including lattes — the only option left will be the decaf drip coffee.

Other notable items that will be leaving the menu soon, per this employee's list, are all of Panera's grain bowls — the Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli, Baja, and the Mediterranean versions. A plethora of bakery items will also be potentially getting the axe, including the Lemon Drop Cookie, Vanilla Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry Scone, Butter Croissant, and Kitchen Sink Cookie. Many fans expressed outrage at the news, with one commenting as a former Panera manager that "this is going to go over terribly."