How To Use Flavored Coffee Creamer To Seriously Upgrade Brownies

Brownies are the height of fudgy, gooey, chocolatey bliss, and boxed brownie mixes have successfully streamlined the cooking process. They save you the cost and hassle of buying large bags of baker's chocolate and other ingredients you wouldn't need otherwise, supplying the dry ingredients, while the wet ingredients, common items like eggs, water, and cooking oil, are added.

Coffee creamer is another household staple you can add to the mix to seriously upgrade your brownies. Creamers come in dairy, artificial, and plant-based varieties, but they're all creamy, milky, and rich in texture and flavor. Consequently, coffee creamer will add an even denser, fudgier texture to brownies. It also come in countless flavors to add depth and complexity to brownies' traditionally unidimensional chocolate flavor profile. You'll have much more creative culinary freedom to try exotic and classic pairings for chocolate, drawing inspiration from seasonal flavors to create holiday or regionally-themed brownies.

To add coffee creamer to your brownie mix, simply swap the water for creamer, using the same measurements specified on the box. If you prefer to make brownies from scratch, you can add coffee creamer to the wet ingredients, whether they use melted baker's chocolate and butter or cocoa powder and olive oil.

Coffee creamer flavor ideas and pairings

Coffee creamers encompass dozens of flavors, and most of them are modeled off of desserts themselves. It's hard to find a dessert that doesn't pair well with chocolate, so you should feel free to explore the endless possibilities. Some tried and true chocolate pairings that also happen to be coffee creamer flavors are coconut creme, peppermint, caramel, hazelnut, and cinnamon.

Furthermore, you could supplement the coffee creamer brownies with add-ins to highlight their flavors. For example, you could add a Nutella swirl into the hazelnut creamer brownies, or dot the caramel creamer brownie batter with chewy caramel candies. As for the coconut cream, you could add chopped almonds and shredded coconut for a brownie-inspired twist on Almond Joy candy bars. Meanwhile, a chocolate peppermint brownie garnished with chopped candy cane would be a show-stopping addition to your winter holiday party spread.

A more exotic option for your brownies would be Kahlua coffee creamer to enrich fudgy chocolate with a milky, coffee liqueur finish. Since popular hacks like adding spent coffee grounds to chocolate desserts or blending espresso powder into chocolate cake batter have emerged, you can consider this a luxurious and logical next step.