Why You Should Start Soaking Fish In Beaten Eggs

The mild, smooth taste of cod, snapper, or trout is perfect for a lunch or dinner where you want something filling without feeling too heavy. Pan-fried fish often has a delicate, slightly flaky texture; when made well, it's absolute perfection. But there are mistakes to avoid when making pan-fried fish.

The texture of the fish may lead it to being fragile and falling apart when placed in the pan. Dipping the fish in cornmeal prior to frying is a common way to prevent your fish from breaking, but it adds an extremely crispy, often grainy coating to the fish. Instead, try soaking your fish in beaten eggs before placing them in the pan.

Often used in baking, eggs prevent your dish from falling apart. The ingredient binds everything together, allowing your food to stay intact. It's also known to moisten food, giving you juicy, tender fish every time. Allow your fish to soak in eggs to get perfectly pan-fried fish without a coarse outer layer.

How to make the perfect pan-fried fish

Once you've cleaned and patted the fish dry, season the fish with bright, earthy flavors like thyme, basil, lemon pepper, and oregano. Crack about two or three eggs into a bowl and beat them together until the yolk and whites are combined. If you don't like the strong, fishy smell, you can combine the eggs with a milk marinade when cooking fish. Season the eggs and milk as well, but don't add salt as the mineral can bring out moisture, preventing the fish from frying properly. Submerge the fish in the mixture and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Pat off the excess and lightly coat it in flour. Use both an oil with a high smoke point — such as canola — and butter to form a nice crust without burning the fish.

Fish breaks apart when it's touched constantly, so limit the amount of times you're flipping the filet. You can also use a specialized fish spatula that will prevent it from breaking, although a spoon will also suffice.