IKEA's Adorable New Kitchen Line Was Crafted With Sustainability In Mind

Those looking to give their kitchen gear a stylish yet sustainable makeover can now turn to the stalwart of affordable home furnishings, IKEA. In its brand new, limited edition TABBERAS line, home cooks have a number of vibrant tools, dish towels, table cloths, and even apron attire to choose from.

More than offering practical tools, the collection is hoping to draw attention to the prevalence of food waste in America's homes. According to an IKEA press release sent to Tasting Table, Americans waste 160 pounds of food per year. The TABBERAS kitchenware works as both an aide and reminder for people working to reduce food waste in their kitchen. As noted on the company website, designers Anna-Maria Nilsson & Luna Gil said, "Inspired by the food waste movement and sustainable agriculture, we chose to make true-to-nature, yet playful, illustrations of vegetables in vibrant colors that can brighten up any kitchen."

These designs are heavily featured on its tea towels and tablecloths, particularly in the dishcloth roll, which is intended to replace the more wasteful paper towels we're constantly reaching for. Even if you're not concerned about green initiatives, you have to appreciate the affordable pricing — everything is priced between $2.99 and $19.99 — as well as the overall whimsy of the products. Case in point, the green and purple coasters, which change hues after you set a piping-hot drink on them. If you're looking to upgrade, head to IKEA where all TABBERAS products are available in-store for a limited time.

A colorful IKEA update

Available in lush hues of lilac, blushing pink, hot red, and both verdant and lime green, the theme of the collection revolves around preserving and conserving food. Indeed, many tools in the TABBERAS line cater to the art of canning, like the three-part funnel and sieve set or the vegetable slicer set that fits nicely over the top of mason jars. Plus there are plenty of smart options for food storage, including purple and green mesh bags, resealable plastic bags, and lidded bowls.

For the dedicated cook, the collection includes oven mitts, silicon-tipped tongs, a bamboo cutting board, and a knife and peeler duo set. Particularly handy is the food slicing assistant, which has evenly spaced prongs that help hold your vegetables and measure your cuts, as well as working as a meat tenderizer. There are quite a few treats for bakers too, including silicon baking mats, spatulas, and mixing bowls with lids, perfect to contain batter splatter when using your hand mixer. Perhaps the cream of the crop, the new IKEA collection also offers a silicon baking mold with wavy bar wells, ideal for making golden granola bars or portioned brownies.