The Best Garnishes For A Gimlet Are The Most Simple

Less is often more when it comes to the perfect cocktail recipe, and for a traditional drink like the gimlet, taking efforts to preserve the drink's simplicity is a tried and true approach. "Simplicity is the new sophistication," says Agostino Perrone, London's Connaught's Director of Mixology told Tasting Table. "Elegance through small, curated details." And it's attention to these carefully included details that can seriously elevate a drink.  

A classic gimlet consists only of ice, gin, lime juice, and simple syrup. When garnishing a classic gimlet cocktail, look no further than these ingredients to help highlight the delicious simplicity of the gimlet's recipe. As Perrone explains, choosing the right ingredients and garnish can make the drink complete and take the presentation up an extra notch. Such guidance doesn't need to apply to strictly professional hospitality settings, either — these simple touches can make a major difference when pouring drinks at home.

Emphasizing elegance with simplicity

When garnishing your cocktail, reach for a fresh sprig of rosemary or basil or a slice of citrus. Mint leaves can amplify a refreshing gimlet served cold, while edible ingredients like lavender and pansies can provide a colorful contrast that showcases the simplicity of the drink. Alternatively, you can experiment with straightforward but out-of-the-ordinary additions for garnishes that your guests will remember. "For the gimlet, we use a garnish of home-marinated onions, or according to the season, we shift and select another high-quality ingredient such as jalapeño chili or fennel seeds," Perrone explains. "A classic re-imagined through a simple, tasty twist."

While you can get creative with the finishing touches you add to your homemade drinks, keep it simple and focus on the flavors you'd like to bring forward with your presentation. With enough practice, you, too, may come close to making a drink that Perrone himself would enjoy.