The Tropical Fruit To Pair With Kale For Ultra-Green Smoothies

Making a perfect smoothie is unexpectedly tricky. Although the raw ingredients come together with a press of a button, not every blend yields the same result. Factors like how the ingredients are layered, their condition, and the blending of flavors all contribute to the taste.

Much like knowing handy liquor combos in a cocktail, it's good to keep a few ingredient pairings for a smoothie in your back pocket. Not only do synergistic foods ease prep during bleary-eyed mornings, but they can fulfill nutritional needs, too.

So for a green power combo, turn to a kiwi and kale smoothie. The zing of the green fruit works perfectly with the green earthiness of the kale, which can be propped up on a backbone of bananas and the alternative milk of your choosing. There's a textural symbiosis between the rough kale and musky kiwi. And the nutritional content's appealing, too — let's dive into the details.

Blend kiwi and kale for a nutrient-dense smoothie

When spinning these two components into a smoothie, the resultant turns out an eye-catching green color. Such a hue is associated with health benefits, and for a good reason — smoothies are an excellent way to integrate nutritious leafy greens.

When it comes to precisely this pairing, a serving of each delivers an appealing nutritional content. According to Healthline, 3.5 ounces of kiwi offers 83% of the daily value of vitamin C and 34% of vitamin K needs. Meanwhile, a cup of kale contains 68% of vitamin K daily goals and 22% of vitamin C requirements. So together, this smoothie fills out the daily recommended amount of both vitamins while the day is only starting.

Additionally, the combo offers 4 grams of fiber, a solid chunk of the 25-gram goal set forth by the American Heart Association. This smoothie also contains a smattering of other essential nutrients, like copper, manganese, and folate, too. Talk about a nutrient-packed dose to start the day.