The Ideal Space To Store Kid-Favorite Snacks In The Pantry

It can be like nails on a chalkboard when a parent hears those five agonizing words, "Can I have a snack?" Regardless if it's the lazy days of summer or the bustle of fall, when kids want a snack, it's all about immediate gratification, and sometimes between folding laundry or cleaning up the kitchen, mom and dad can't keep up with the demand. This is when where you store your snacks can become empowering for both you and your kids.

Grab and go bags of goldfish, granola bars, fruit cups, crackers, popcorn, and cookies are all easy go-to's when a child has the munchies and parents don't have time to make celery feel like an exciting snack. But to make your life just a little less stressful and to keep the hunger pangs of your little tykes at bay, consider creating a lower shelf in the pantry that little hands and arms can reach.


There are several benefits to creating a pantry that has a shelf that kids can access for their snacks. The first being, they are able to help themselves to a snack without climbing up on anything or assistance from an adult. This allows the child a little independence and the parent a little peace of mind, especially considering Stanford Medicine states that over half of fall-related injuries happen to children age four and under.

Of course, a child can only have what you stock the shelves with, so while they are able to grab a snack without your help, they are still eating the foods you want them to eat and staying away from the ones you don't. This also allows you to create a system where you can buy snacks in bulk, prepackage them in proportions that make sense for your family, and put those bags or containers on the lowest shelf in your pantry for hungry hands.