Ina Garten's Favorite Brand Of Maple Syrup Is A Maine Classic

When it comes to maple syrup, Ina Garten is partial towards one brand that hails from the Pine Tree state. Maine produces many lovely foods, from blueberries to lobster rolls to Red Snapper hot dogs, but this sweet staple has become so popular, it can be found in both specialty food shops and grocery stores: Stonewall Kitchen. 

The Barefoot Contessa told Bon Appetit, "Maple is a great autumn flavor. It goes with pumpkin. It goes great in salads as part of a vinaigrette. It's sweet, but it's also smoky. Stonewall Kitchen is made in Maine and is very good." What makes Stonewall Kitchen maple syrup so sweet and delicious that it has Garten singing its praise? The brand waits until the last frost occurs to start their maple sugaring and the end result is a "rich" vibrant amber-colored syrup that is sweet and sticky and ready to drizzle on your stack of hotcakes. 

It has mapletude

Stonewall Kitchen notes its syrup is grade A and has a maple flavor with an attitude. Beyond the traditional use of it for waffles and oatmeal, they suggest using it as a sweetener for granola and adding a touch of maple goodness to your morning coffee.  What exactly does grade A mean? The grade is attached to the color of the syrup and the taste; the darker the maple syrup, the bolder and more intense the flavor. 

Stonewall Kitchen's maple syrup is a translucent yellowish-red hue and it is perfect for both the baker and the cook to use in their recipes. This is good news because the "store-bought is fine" chef uses this syrup throughout her kitchen, making for a more flavorful end product. For example, Garten adds this sugary ingredient to her Maple-Roasted Carrots and to her pecan pie.