The Best Fruit For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It may sound ridiculous, but someone's favorite fruit can be quite telling. A citrus lover is scientifically inclined to be more critical than others. On the other hand, for those who lean more towards the bitterness of grapefruit, cranberries, and eggplant, science would argue that that person may be borderline psychopathic, with a dark, malevolent personality to match. Meanwhile, sweet fruits, from dates and bananas to apples and figs, indicate the opposite: a person with an agreeable personality and selfless attitude. Finally, though rare, a taste for salty fruits like olives, tomatoes, and avocados indicates that someone is competitive, impatient, and prefers instant gratification.

Of course, the availability of certain fruits and a person's cultural background also influence what someone's favorite fruit might be — and, similar to astrology, you shouldn't judge someone off of what their zodiac sign is just as much as you shouldn't psycho-analyze a person for what fruit they reach for when they're hungry. But that doesn't make either of the two any less interesting. In fact, even though astrology has no scientific backing, more than a quarter of U.S. adults believe in it. Who would I or anyone else be to deny them the sweetness of knowing the best fruit for them based on their sign?


Beginning with the first sign on the astrological calendar, Aries, the best fruit for this fire sign is fairly clear. These signs are known for their competitive edge, which is fitting, considering that they love being No. 1 — both on the zodiac calendar and in their real lives. Aries are also particularly impatient and impulsive, which, unsurprisingly, means that they're more disposed to the concept of instant gratification. However, it's also what makes them so apt to jump head-first into new endeavors, whether that be a career shift or a new hobby. No matter what it is, you better believe they'll be the best at it.

It's pretty clear that the best fruit for an Aries is one that's not sweet but salty. While salty may not be the first thing you think of when you're craving a bite of sweet, refreshing fruit, they certainly are popular — and it's no secret that one salty fruit, in particular, is especially so: the avocado. Creamy, savory, and in the perfect shade of green, avocados are an unsuspecting fruit that also happens to be one of the trendiest out there. From the avocado toast you order for brunch to the guacamole on top of your Chipotle bowl, avocados are winners — just like Aries.


As their bull symbol suggests, Tauruses are known for being stubborn and hard-headed. But there's much, much more to these earth signs. In fact, their stubbornness is really just a byproduct of their value for stability. These signs thrive in routine, which makes them both dependable and predictable. They maintain their peace by setting strong boundaries around the things that make them happy. When you put it that way, a lot of us could learn something from them. While some may take their stubbornness as selfishness, it's actually the opposite. By investing in themselves and being dedicated to their own needs, these signs are able to show up for others as the dependable, comforting, and logical friends we know them to be.

Stubborn or not, at the end of the day, these signs' intentions are good. That's why the best fruit for a Taurus is one that is sweet. Given that the Taurus is particularly prone to self-indulgence, it's only right that their best fruit delivers that — and what fruit is more indulgent than a date? Smeared with peanut butter, dipped into chocolate, and frozen, these fruits make a decadent and earthy substitute for Snickers when your sweet tooth kicks in. They're also popular during Ramadan as a way to break daily fasts. Just like Tauruses, these fruits come through. So it's only right that the two go together.


No other sign in the zodiac has the reputation that Geminis do, and it's not necessarily in a good way. Geminis are often accused of being two-faced, but — in most cases, at least — that's all a misunderstanding. This sign is represented by twins; however, it's not because they have multiple personalities, as some might assume. It's actually because Geminis, who are known to be incredibly social and curious, often find themselves wishing that they could be in two places at once. In their minds, the Gemini's budding social life and ever-growing range of interests can only be sustained through the help of a clone. However, these signs aren't totally innocent.

While not ill-intended, Gemini's social nature and childlike curiosities can make them unreliable. However, their ability to make something out of nothing — or nothing out of something — means that with them by your side, you're almost always up for a good time. That means that, just like the best Starbucks drink for this zodiac sign, the best fruit for a Gemini has to be one that's both sweet and sour. Considering that, no fruit is as fitting for the Gemini as a pineapple. Not only are pineapples incredibly sweet, but because of an enzyme known as bromelain, too much of them can be irritating.


As one of the water signs, Cancers are deep, emotional, and intuitive — so much so that they're borderline psychic. These signs are especially empathetic, however, and can frequently get caught up in the emotions of the people around them. Cancers feel everything, and for that reason, they're, more often than not, homebodies who rely on the stability of routine. They're also not one to forget those who hurt them in the past, much less forgive them for it.

On the other hand, the Cancer's sensitivity makes them natural caretakers. In fact, those types of close relationships provide them with a sense of security. For that reason, these signs are incredibly loyal and loving. But not everyone is given access to that side of them because they're afraid of their kindness being taken for weakness. They often hide their sensitivity behind a hard shell, which makes sense, considering they're represented by the crab.

When it comes to this zodiac sign, the best fruit for Cancers would have to be one that represents their sweet, kind, and soft nature. However, it must also hide it all underneath tough skin. Of course, for Cancers, that could only be the watermelon. If you lift a watermelon, it's heavy, like the emotions that weigh Cancers down. They're also made mostly of water, which fits this water sign. But, most importantly, the watermelon's soft, sweet, fragrant, and refreshing flesh is only reached by breaking through a hard, green, and crunchy outer rind.


Born between July 22 and August 22, Leos are the astrological calendar's summer babies. These signs are known for their big personalities. They love to dazzle and perform; however, they also exude a warmth that is both captivating and comforting. While their pride in themselves can be perceived as bragging, Leos are equally as excited to celebrate the accomplishments of others as they are their own. In fact, these signs treat their friends to the same high standards they expect others to treat them — with generosity, attentiveness, and loyalty. But their pride also works the opposite way. A Leo will show you all of the affection, attention, and praise in the world, but should you ever betray them, they'll never forget it.

Being that Leos are the signs of the summertime, a handful of fruits that reach their peak season in July that could be the best for Leos. But, considering that these signs are natural-born superstars — they're literally ruled by the sun — and that they are associated with warm colors ranging from gold to orange and yellow, there's really only one fruit that comes to mind that could live up to their standards. That is the mango, of course. Sweet, juicy, tropical, and bright yellow in color, mangoes are a staple fruit all year round, but they're best in the summer. Whether they're blended into a tropical smoothie, your margarita, made into a mango salsa, or eaten straight up, mangos are show stoppers, like Leos.


Virgos are known for being perfectionists. They're actually the go-to people to lean on when you need something done because they'll do it right and ahead of schedule. These signs love making to-do lists simply for the satisfaction of crossing everything off. But while this type of attitude does come in handy at work or when planning group trips, it can be to a fault. In fact, Virgo's perfectionist tendencies border on obsession. They can quickly become overly critical of themselves as well as others. This is why the best fruit for a Virgo would have to be a citrus fruit, which is indicative of people that tend to be more critical — even though a Virgo would argue it's just their attention to detail.

Considering the fact that Virgos love a mess — because it gives them another task to focus on — it's only right they are granted the messiest citrus fruit of all: The passionfruit. Unlike other fruits that have firm flesh you can peel and bite into, passion fruits contain a sort of purée that spills out when you cut into them. They're also full of seeds. They're a whole job, honestly, and that's exactly what a Virgo is like. At least with a passionfruit that's ripe and ready to eat, they'll get to treat themselves to something tropical in the end, whether it's as simple as stirring it into their sparkling water or topping it on their ice cream.


Libras are known to have an eye for design, and they're often referred to as the aesthetes of the zodiac. They make talented interior decorators, stylists, and art critics because they have a special eye for symmetry and balance. In fact, these signs are represented by a scale that symbolizes their desire for balance in all areas of their lives. Where that balance doesn't serve them, however, is when they're making decisions. Rather than following their own intuition, Libras seek out outside perspectives, and they often become over-concerned with the opinions of others. If Libras aren't careful, this can hold them back from the kind of adventure they crave in their lives.

Charming, conflict-avoidant, and empathetic, Libras give off an impression that would make you assume they'd align more with sweet fruit. But, Libras can be quite critical. This means that they'd also fit in more with citrus fruits. Fortunately, there are plenty of sweet citrus fruits out there, one of the most notable being oranges. Oranges are often added to juices with green, leafy vegetables, and their zest is often mixed into syrups, homemade jams, and pie fillings as a way to brighten and balance flavors. Just like Libras, oranges create harmony for your taste buds.


Like Geminis, Scorpios have a bit of a reputation: They're infamous for being mysterious and secretive. While they aren't liars, per se, they are masters of letting you in on certain details about themselves and not others. It's all a means of maintaining control and, ultimately, asserting their power. It's no coincidence that some of the most notorious cult leaders have been Scorpios. At the same time, however, Scorpios are incredibly self-aware. Despite their dark allure, once they've built your trust, these signs prove to be incredibly loyal, compassionate, and accountable friends.

When it comes to Scorpios, there's all the potential for popularity and camaraderie, but the thing is, they actually prefer to be outsiders looking in. Most of what makes Scorpios so seductive is their mystery — and they know that. Letting that go would, therefore, also require them to let go of some element of their perceived power. It sounds lonely, and that's because it is. These signs feel the safest in the dark, and so it only makes sense that the best fruit for them coincides with that. According to science, that fruit would then have to lean somewhere on the bitter end of the spectrum, making the best fruit for them the one and only eggplant.

Technically a berry, eggplants don't carry the typically sweet, sour flavor of most fruits. These large, bulbous berries have dark, purple skin and soft, meaty flesh — which explains why, like the Scorpio, they're often misunderstood as vegetables.


The Sagittarius is represented by the archer. It's fitting, considering that these signs are adventurers at heart. Sagittarius signs tend to embrace change — whether it be a career shift or their travel days not going to plan — and they never play it safe. In fact, these signs are known to push the boundaries of what people think is possible. They're go-getters who prefer to jump first and think later (Fyre Fest's Billy McFarland is a prime example). Fortunately for them, they also happen to be the luckiest of all the zodiac signs, so things usually tend to work out in their favor. But, even when they don't, the Sagittarius has a refreshing way of shrugging it off and moving on to the next thing.

Personality-wise, Sagittariuses tend to be high-energy, philosophic, and effortlessly magnetic. While they might not always know when to keep their opinions to themselves, their straightforward attitudes come across as fun and playful. They always have a story to tell, which, paired with their energetic personalities, makes them the life of any dinner party. With all things considered, it's fair to say that Sagittariuses would classify as a sweet fruit. However, because they're adventurers, the best fruit for them wouldn't be the everyday apple you'd find at your grocery store. No, the best fruit for the Sagittarius would have is something much more special — the guava fruit.


Capricorns are masters of discipline. They present themselves as responsible, rule-following people with ever-increasing goals — which is why they're also commonly known as the "workaholics" of the zodiac. Capricorns are represented by the sea goat, a symbol that is indicative of their willingness to climb mountains to achieve what they set out to do. Martin Luther King Jr. is a quintessential example of the Capricorn's ability to overcome adversity and accomplish their goals. However, because these signs are so forward-focused, they can often fall victim to their own criticism. Capricorns are perfectionists, and they can get so caught up in reaching the next thing that they forget to take a moment to see how far they've come.

All that being said, however, if you get a Capricorn out and away from their desk, they can be the life of the party. So, while they can be a little self-critical at times, they can also be a lot of fun — which means the best fruit for them is one that's both sweet and sour. Other than orange, which took the place of Libras, there's another sweet, sour fruit that some of us may forget about; the kiwi. These small, fuzzy, green berries have the perfect balance of sweet and sour. They're often enjoyed on their own because they're that good, or used in everything from fruit salads to cocktails to sorbet. No matter what it is, they get the job done — just like our Capricorn friends.


Born between January and February, the least common birth month, Aquarius is actually the rarest zodiac sign — and it fits their personality perfectly. These signs have an impulsive contrarianism that's exacerbated by a complete disregard for convention. They like to surround themselves with people who are as different as possible because they want to learn from them. However, their need for individuality means they may never let themselves get too close to any group of friends. In a way, they're a bit like Scorpios: They have all the ability to be the most popular person in the room, but they simply just don't care to be.

Aquariuses actually thrive in social settings, but they despise small talk on all levels. These signs would rather discuss all the different ways they could change the world. Fortunately, for the rest of us, Aquariuses are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac, so that's usually for the better. Given that these signs are anti-social by choice and good-natured at heart, the Aquarius's best fruit would be one that is sweet — but just like them, it'd have to be something rare. For that reason, the best fruit for the Aquarius is none other than the dragon fruit.

These fruits are bright pink in color, with funky green stems that shoot out from them. They look more like aliens than fruit — which Aquariuses might appreciate. When you cut into one, you're treated to a sweet, spotted, pear-like flesh.


As the final sign of the zodiac, it's believed that Pisces inherits the acquired life lessons and wisdom of all the signs that come before it. As a result, these signs are incredibly intuitive and compassionate. They're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which is not only cognizant of this sign's deep connection to the ocean but their constant division between fantasy and reality. Pisces spend a lot of their time daydreaming and, as a result, are incredibly imaginative. This often manifests in their creative endeavors, allowing them to bring the worlds they create in their minds to life. Pisces are also particularly fluid and dynamic; their personalities ebb and flow depending on who they're with, which gives them the ability to get along with just about anyone.

Because they're so sensitive, Pisces can sometimes get lost in their own emotions. But, at the end of the day, these signs just want to love and be loved. Therefore, the best fruit for this water sign is, without a doubt, a sweet one. However, it's not just any sweet fruit — it's one that represents the loving, deep connections that the Pisces strives for: the strawberry. Ranging in color from bright to deep red and in sizes large and small, strawberries are a signature gift on Valentine's Day, the holiday dedicated to giving and receiving love. Whether they're coated in dark chocolate or used in a no-bake strawberry cheesecake, these small berries can brighten any day.