Lisa Says Gah And Hunt's Team Up For Trendy Tomato Merch Collab

The only connection your mind may have had between Hunt's and clothing in the past was a stubborn ketchup stain, but that changes now, as Hunt's is partnering with fashion brand Lisa Says Gah to release a new line of tomato-themed merchandise. There's been a hot girl summer, and a hot labor summer, and now we have tomato girl summer, a viral trend that has been sweeping TikTok. Food brands have yet to let a viral moment go to waste, and Hunt's is moving quickly to get in on the nightshade-loving aesthetic. Working with trendy brand Lisa Says Gah, its collection will be released Friday, August 18, and be available for a limited time on the apparel company's website, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table.

The Hunt's and Lisa Says Gah collab, aptly titled Hunt's Says Gah, will feature four items with the "bright prints and tones" that it says matches "the new cool girl aesthetic of the season." The two wearable items are the "Alex" tee, a white tee-shirt with a vintage-style print of a Hunt's tomato can emblazoned with the words "Tomato Girl," and a pair of glass tomato earrings on gold-plated brass hoops. The tee will retail for $75 while the earrings will be $48. The other two items in the collection are accessories, a "Hunt's Tomato Girl" tote bag for $18, and a tomato girl sticker that will be given out as a gift with each purchase.

Hunt's and Lisa Says Gah are having a tomato girl summer

The combination of a classic canned tomato brand and a popular online fashion brand may seem unusual, but the timing makes complete sense. The hashtag "tomato girl summer" has kicked off one of the hottest fashion trends of the year with videos racking up over 50 million views on TikTok. The aesthetic features a unique combination of clothing alongside a lifestyle vibe centered around gardening and Mediterranean food, with the tomato front and center. Of course, the trend doesn't only feature tomato prints like the Hunt's collection, but the same color palette of red and green mixed with earth tones is the focus, as well as different fresh food prints. That combination of food prints and casual old-world rustic charm made Lisa Says Gah a natural partner for Hunt's.

The fashion brand launching the line was founded by Lisa Bühler, with its name based on the noise she would make anytime she stumbled upon clothes she liked. Even before this current tomato girl summer, Lisa Says Gah was known for fruit prints and a vintage look; its clothing featuring baguettes, grapes, and canned sardines seems ready-made for a tomato-based partnership. In fact, the only question we have left is whether Heinz will launch a competing tomato-themed line of its own.