Use Twix Bars To Create A Stunning Chocolate Dessert

Are you a fan of Twix? The popular candy bar with gooey caramel, tasty cookie layers inside, and a rich chocolate coating has all the elements of the perfect treat. But while they are fun to snack on all by themselves, Twix can also be used as building blocks to create an elegant dessert. Whole sticks of Twix can be used to decorate the sides of a chocolate cake, making a neat and symmetrical design that gives your dessert a polished look, or they can be cut into pieces for an extra sweet bite on top. And don't forget about creating a bit of crunch between the cake layers using pieces of Twix.

While Twix are delicious, they are not the only chocolaty treat that works for this dessert. Kit Kats would be great here, and they would achieve a similar result. You could also mix and match chocolate candies, using one for the sides of the cake and something different for the top. M&Ms would add some fun colors to the cake, for instance. And if you wanted to bring in a complimentary flavor, decorate the top with Reese's Pieces. With this dessert, the options are endless.

Perfect for special occasions

So how do you get started on making a Twix dessert? First, you'll want to make your favorite chocolate cake (boxed cake mix will do, too). Cut that cake horizontally so that you have two layers. While the cake is baking, it's time to think about the filling. A chocolate mousse would make a great choice, amping up the chocolate flavor of the dish, and a pudding or a custard cream could work here as well. Place your filling of choice in between the two cake layers — along with some crushed Twix if you like — and chill for an hour or so. Once the cake has set, this is where the candy comes in. Start unwrapping the Twix bars and get ready to decorate.

Make sure have enough Twix to cover the entire perimeter of the cake. Once you've got your candy squared away, there are a couple of choices when it comes to how to attach the bars to the cake. A chocolate buttercream works well to hold the bars against the side of the cake. Making a chocolate ganache would be another way to attach the Twix to the cake, and the benefit of this method is that it will firm up as it cools. You could also use the ganache to give your cake a smooth top level, which will give you room for writing a special message, such as "Happy Birthday!"