Pickle Brine Is The Leftover Ingredient That'll Elevate Fried Eggs

Pickle lovers unite — there's a social media trend made just for you. The hack, which seems to have been started by TikTok's @dansgoodside, is the perfect way to upgrade your morning fried eggs — and all you need is some pickle juice. You'll start by cooking your fried eggs on the stove like normal. Then, when they're almost done, pour pickle juice into the pan, tipping it from side to side so all edges of the egg are covered completely.

If you're a pickle lover but skeptical about including them in your fried eggs, don't knock it until you try it. The flavor mashup makes complete sense when you think about it — the briny fruits and their juices are staples in deviled egg and egg salad recipes for a reason. Their sour, salty, and dill flavors perfectly balance out the richness and creaminess of fried eggs, and they add a little kick to an otherwise mild dish. Plus, you can put the brine to good use by adding it to your breakfast instead of pouring it down the drain after you finish your jar. In addition, since pickle juice is known to help replenish electrolytes, the dish may be the perfect hangover cure.   

Tips for making fried eggs with pickle brine

While you could pour brine from plain old dill pickles onto your eggs, feel free to experiment with your personal favorite flavor. Like them a little spicy? Use juice from a jar of hot pickles. A big fan of tanginess? Use liquid left over from making full-sour pickles. You can also test out brine from sweet or bread and butter jars if you lean more towards these types, but keep in mind your eggs will end up tasting different than if you used a more vinegary option. In the same vein, try topping your finished dish with seasonings that complement the new ingredient — salt, pepper, dill, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, onion powder, celery seed, or mustard seed would all work well here. If you'd like to add a deviled egg twist, try a little paprika, cayenne powder, or chili powder; and to mimic egg salad, garnish with green onions.


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To upgrade your breakfast even more, serve these eggs over toast or on a breakfast sandwich with a little mayo, avocado, or mustard. The first two will contribute even more creaminess, and the latter will add to the egg salad-esque taste.