What To Eat And Drink At Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2023

Beyond the delightful daytime adventures at Walt Disney World, the park dazzles with exclusive after-hours events. A standout among these is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, rife with delicious treats unique to the event.

This isn't just about food, though. Guests are treated to a mesmerizing nighttime spectacle presided over by the Pumpkin King himself. Add to that a captivating show starring your favorite villains, including the Sanderson sisters, and the iconic Boo To You parade marching spiritedly down Main Street. The festivities stretch until the witching hour, and ride wait times are considerably reduced with fewer attendees. Some attractions, like Space Mountain, even adopt a spookier ambiance, filled with unexpected surprises.

But there's even more: Ample trick-or-treating opportunities, a myriad of character meet-and-greets, and party-exclusive ride overlays to enhance your favorites. If you're in the Walt Disney World vicinity from mid-August through October, we wholeheartedly recommend experiencing the Magic Kingdom's transformation into a whimsical, not-so-spooky wonderland — and sample some of the epic treats on offer.

MMMummy Treat

Over at the Cheshire Cat Cafe, you get a mischievous twist on their beloved classic: the Cheshire tail. Under the ordinary sorcery of the Magic Kingdom's daylight, the Cheshire tail is a mouth-watering pastry delight, loaded with rich chocolate and adorned with iconic stripes reminiscent of our grinning feline friend.

But come to the delightful Halloween party, things get a smidgen spookier. This Halloween version wraps the same flaky pastry around its dark, chocolatey secret, but its exterior tells a different tale of mummification. Instead of those whimsical purple stripes, the pastry is enshrouded in ghostly white bands. And to add an extra dollop of eeriness? Two sugary eyes peek out, watching you as you debate taking that first bite.

But don't be fooled by its haunting facade. Beneath lies the same delectable blend of crispy pastry and molten chocolate that we've all come to love. So, if the regular Cheshire Cat tail makes your taste buds dance, this version is bound to be a treat you won't forget.

Terrifyin' Twice-Spiced Chicken Sandwich

While Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe might not usually beam to the top of our foodie list, during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, it morphs into a haunting haven of culinary delights. Amidst the ghostly glow and eerie melodies, the cafe offers a spectral spread, with three wickedly irresistible dishes.

At the top of our list is the Terrifyin' Twice-Spiced Chicken Sandwich. Don't let its long, tongue-twisting name deter you — every bite is an explosion of flavors. A plump, spicy chicken breast — crispy fried and then draped in luscious hot honey — forms the ghoulish heart of this sandwich. Melted pepper jack cheese oozes over alongside nestled fiery jalapeno poppers. If that's not enough, crispy bacon strips add a smoky touch, ensuring this sandwich truly stands out.

Served alongside a mound of golden French fries, this monstrous meal is both satisfying and spookily scrumptious. The harmonious mix between the hot honey and bacon is eerily enchanting. Here's hoping this dish becomes a Halloween haunt; it's a phantom favorite we'd love to encounter year after year.

Zombie Fingers

For those with a sweet fang, there's a dessert at the party that's finger-licking good, quite literally. Introducing the Zombie Fingers. These whimsical, green digits may look like they've been plucked from the undead, but they're a treat for both your eyes and belly. Dunked into a pool of key lime pie white chocolate ganache, these almond-flavored cookies are a ghoulish delight.

While almond might traditionally whisper of winter festivities, it sings a different, spooky song here, proving to be a delightful change of pace. The theming of this dessert is spot-on, making it not just a treat for your taste buds but also a visual feast perfect for your Instagram feed.

But the spooky doesn't stop there. The Salted Caramel Crisp pearls add another layer of flavor and texture, ensuring every bite is a mix of sweet, salty, and crunchy. And those familiar sugar eyes? They're back, peeking out just like they do on the mummy treat at the Cheshire Cat Cafe. It seems even desserts can't resist casting a lingering gaze during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

River Styx Elixir

Quench your thirst from all the spooky excitement with a glass of River Styx's Elixir. This enchanting beverage is a refreshing blend of kiwi and lemonade that sparkles with lustrous dust, making it magically shimmery. The kiwi undertone doesn't overpower, allowing the tart zing of the lemonade to shine through. While it leans towards the sweet side, it's refreshingly balanced, coming across more tart than sugary. The star of this beverage, aside from its delightful flavor, is the shimmering dust. It turns this drink from ordinary to otherworldly, making you feel like you've stolen a potion from a Halloween sorcerer.

The best part? Since it's non-alcoholic, even the tiny witches and wizards in your party can partake in its magic. However, a little tip for the icy-hearted: this potion isn't served over ice. So, if you like their drinks with an extra chill, ask for a separate cup of ice when you're at the food pickup counter. Cheers to this spellbinding refreshment.

Pain and Panic Loaded Tots

During daylight hours, Friar's Nook is the go-to spot for some of the best potato dishes in Walt Disney World. But as dusk settles and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party begins, things take a tantalizingly twisted turn with their offering of Pain and Panic Loaded Tots.

Inspired by Hades' hilariously chaotic henchmen from Disney's Hercules, this dish packs a punch. Imagine a bed of crispy tots lavishly topped with sweet and spicy onion relish, a drizzle of fiery Sriracha mustard, and crowned with crumbled bratwurst. Our personal hero in this epic flavor saga is the Sriracha mustard, and we'd recommend doubling down on its delightful zing when you order.

The onion relish provides a delightful crunch, contrasting with the tender tots and bratwurst, ensuring every bite is an adventure. And its hearty toppings transform these tots into something more substantial, making them a quick and savory meal to refuel during your party escapades.

What makes this treat even more enticing is its prime location in the new Fantasyland area, conveniently positioned across from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. So amidst the haunting festivities, if you're craving a dish that's fun and filling, these loaded tots are your ticket to a flavorful journey.

Buffalo Chicken Hand Pie

For many, Mickey's Not So Scary party conjures visions of costumed characters, luminous lanterns, and hauntingly delightful parades. But for us? We always look forward to the buffalo foods. A tradition we've relished in previous parties, each year this savory treat takes on a new avatar — and this year, it's donned the garb of a classic hand pie with a tantalizing twist.

At first glance, it might appear simple, but don't be deceived. Once you bite in, a burst of buffalo chicken, spicy yet not scorching, makes its presence known. It's a choreography of flavors where the chicken shines in its buffalo glory, but the spicy ranch drizzles on top ties it all together. However, the standout performer here is the blue cheese powder. It masterfully sidesteps the heaviness often associated with chunky blue cheese, offering instead a subtle, creamy tanginess that complements the buffalo spice just right.

For buffalo chicken aficionados, this pie promises a generous filling that'll hit all the right notes. And its handy design ensures you can savor it while wandering amidst the festivities. So, amidst the ghoulish delights and thrilling sights, make sure to pocket one of these pies — a savory interlude to your Halloween adventures.

Minnie-shaped Pumpkin Cheesecake

As the evening's spooky festivities progress, and you feel a slight dip in energy, don't fret. Glide your way to the Main Street Bakery, one of the best coffee spots in Walt Disney World. While those brews like the caramel macchiato are sure to jolt you awake, there's a seasonal delight here that's as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate: the Minnie-shaped pumpkin cheesecake.

This petite indulgence is visually captivating and brings an exciting play of textures and flavors to the table. Breaking away from the traditional dense cheesecake consistency, this one treads closer to a mousse-like, airy, and delicate consistency. The layer of pumpkin spread atop adds a velvety touch and introduces a harmonious blend of sweet and earthy notes.

For those of you who might side-eye candy corn, fear not. The bow adorning Minnie's head, reminiscent of candy corn, is crafted entirely from white chocolate, seamlessly melding into the overall flavor profile. Paired with a steaming cup of your preferred coffee, this cheesecake treat elevates the experience. It's a delightful duo: The robustness of coffee juxtaposed against the creamy, pumpkin-infused mousse.

Candy Corn Milkshake

In the midst of the spectral celebrations, while the choices in the milkshake department are few, they are notably daring. The standout among these limited options? The Candy Corn Milkshake.

This concoction isn't your average Halloween treat. Infused with sweet corn soft serve, it takes a deliciously unconventional turn. Crowned with whipped cream, the real surprise sits atop — a sweet potato corndog. This milkshake might as well be described as a cornbread's ethereal form, brought to life in a glass.

For anyone who has ever savored the union of cornbread and milk, this drink is a whimsical nod to that comfort. And if you're someone just a tad skeptical about this cornbread-esque milkshake, it's a culinary gamble worth taking. Even with just a handful of milkshake offerings, Disney showcases its innovative spirit, echoing in the likes of the audacious pickle milkshake at the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

Char Siu Chicken Wings

At Sleepy Hollow, a culinary surprise awaits, veering off the beaten path of typical Halloween treats. Enter the Char Siu Chicken Wings, a delightful deviation from your standard wing fare.

At first glance, one can instantly recognize that these aren't your regular party wings. Sleepy Hollow proudly serves the entire wing, fried to a crispy golden perfection. But it's the glaze that steals the show. Adorned with Char Siu and delicate chili threads, these wings boast a balance between sweet and spicy, a far cry from the ubiquitous Buffalo wing. The Char Siu, a classic Cantonese flavor, adds a rich, caramelized layer, making every bite a culinary adventure.

These wings, though delectable, are not the most accommodating to pristine party attire. They're generously slathered and can get a tad messy. If you're donned in a costume that's particularly dear to you, perhaps strategize your wing indulgence post-photo ops. Yet, regardless of the timing, these wings are a flavorful journey worth taking, making them a must-try during the nocturnal revelries.

Headless Horseman Cupcake

Gallop your way to a dessert experience unlike any other with the Headless Horseman Cupcake. Unlike typical cupcakes sprinkled around the park, this treat takes a daring and delicious detour, drawing inspiration from the legendary spectral rider himself.

From afar, it might seem like any other cupcake, but a closer inspection will reveal its fiery secrets. Beneath the conventional facade lies a bright red cake, tinged with spicy cheese flavors, and Tajin with a tangy lime taste too. The richness of buttercream cream cheese frosting adds another dimension, while the unexpected crunch of a flaming hot Cheeto is a fabulous and fun garnish.

As if that's not enough, the fine detail of the Headless Horseman riding away is intricately crafted on a white chocolate piece, creating a visually thrilling centerpiece. This cupcake isn't just a dessert; it's an experience, a celebration of flavor, and a fitting homage to one of the most iconic figures of Halloween folklore. It's an ideal indulgence to savor as you reflect on your favorite moments from the parade, letting the flavors echo the excitement and enchantment of the evening.

Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Counteract the savory notes of the Char Siu chicken wings with the sweet symphony of the Autumn Funnel Cake. In the heart of the Magic Kingdom, this funnel cake isn't just a treat — it's an ode to the season of harvest and Halloween.

The foundation remains the classic, crispy golden funnel cake many of us hold dear in our Disney memories. But what sets this particular treat apart is its pumpkin-spiced flourish. Imagine warm, just-fried funnel cake drizzled generously with pumpkin spice caramel. The heat from the cake allows the decadent butterscotch chips sprinkled on top to melt ever so slightly, creating a velvety, sweet experience.

When you think the flavor parade has peaked, a scoop of creamy pumpkin ice cream joins the ensemble, offering a cool contrast to the warm and crispy base. The synergy of temperatures and textures is what makes this more than just a dessert but a sensory experience. For those who swear by the magic of funnel cakes, this variation is nothing short of enchantment. And for the pumpkin aficionados, it's a dream spun in golden sugar.

Tropical Graveyard

At Sunshine Tree Terrace, near the towering Family Robinson treehouse, a surprise awaits those looking for a twist on a classic treat. Introducing the Tropical Graveyard, a tasty twist on the dirt cup.

The Tropical Graveyard begins with a luscious layer of mango mousse, setting a creamy, fruity stage for what's to come. Ascending from this layer is a gelatin, not just any gelatin but one that combines tropical flavors, both familiar and intriguing. On this island of flavor, you'll discover the sandy shores of cookie crumbles, and, wiggling amidst them, the gummy worms, making their mischievous appearance. It's all the nostalgic charm of a dirt cup reimagined in a Caribbean setting.

Young adventurers especially will be thrilled by this fusion of familiar and fresh. While the gelatin might tease with a hint of sourness, it's balanced out beautifully by the sweetness of the mousse beneath. It feels like the type of graveyard you might find inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean, and given that the ambiance of this land has been taken over by pirate radio during the party, it's fitting.

Jack Pop and Sally Pop

For those wandering near Cinderella Castle and in need of a scrumptious snack that pays homage to Halloween's most iconic couple, the churro cart beckons with a duo of delectable delights — the Jack Pop and the Sally Pop. Perfect for fans of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and anyone with a sweet tooth.

The Jack Pop is a dark and delicious treat that starts with a chocolate brownie foundation. Inside, you'll discover a soft marshmallow center that's as delightful as it is unexpected. Completing Jack's ensemble is a slick coat of jet-black chocolate, ensuring each bite is as chocolaty as the one before.

If your taste leans towards something fruitier, the Sally Pop is your go-to. Beneath its light teal chocolate exterior is a luscious yellow pop infused with a tangy raspberry filling. To top it off, a chocolate piece featuring Sally's face rests atop, making it as visually appealing as it is tasty.

Beyond their flavors, what makes these pops truly special is their thematic nod to "The Nightmare Before Christmas." And for those die-hard fans wishing to get even closer to Jack and Sally, make your way to the Town Square Theater. By day, it's where Mickey Mouse greets his adoring fans. But by night, during the Halloween festivities, the spotlight shifts to Jack and Sally, who are ready and waiting to meet with guests and share in the spooky fun.

Skull Brownie

A nocturnal visit to the Happiest Place on Earth isn't complete without savoring the magic of perfectly themed treats. And while it's true that the iconic Disney brownie is a tradition during special events, it takes an artisanal touch of Disney chefs to bring out a creation that feels both familiar and hauntingly unique.

Not far from the eerie ambiance of the Haunted Mansion, you'll come across the Skull Brownie. At first glance, it might seem like a regular brownie, but that's where the ordinary ends. As you bite into this chocolate treat, the initial sensation is of the rich, deep cocoa reminiscent of traditional brownies. However, just as you start to savor that, the spicy kick of Mexican hot chocolate creeps up on your palate. It's a gentle heat, enough to evoke the warmth of a far-off Mexican village, perfectly balanced by the luxurious, sweet richness of the dulce de leche filling.

The contrast between the spicy and the sweet, the traditional and the unexpected, makes this Skull Brownie an embodiment of the event's spirit. It's a blend of comfort and surprise, a treat that captures the essence of a Disney Halloween: Perfectly themed, familiar yet thrilling, and utterly delectable.