17 Best Spots For Coffee In Disney World

If you've spent some time researching your upcoming Disney vacation, you may have come across the phrase "rope drop to fireworks," referencing the time you would spend in a Disney park. Because there is much to do at Disney World, rope drop means you get there right as the park opens, and fireworks signify the end of the park day. That's quite the time devoted to rides and snacks. There's a good chance you'll get tired during that time, and the best fix for that (other than a nap) is caffeine. Thankfully, Walt Disney World is full of places to fuel up.

Some of our favorite coffee spots are located conveniently in the parks, and others are closer to resorts. That's super handy because then you can get coffee before you even leave your hotel in the morning without the need to rely on your mysterious, in-room Keurig machine with a dubious history. No matter where you decide to get your latte or blended drink, it's sure to help you get through the rest of your day so that you can enjoy all that Walt Disney World has to offer.

Connections Cafe

If, between Remy's Ratatouille Adventure and Living With the Land, you find yourself running on empty, check out the Connections Cafe in Epcot. This location is connected to Connections Eatery, which offers some tasty mealtime options. The two sections of Connections are situated on either side of the building. You'll easily spot the cafe thanks to the substantial queue typically attached to it. Unlike other coffee spots in the parks, which often quiet down by midday, Connections Cafe attracts a significant crowd.

Despite the often long line, it moves pretty quickly, and, before you know it, you'll be on your way, caramel macchiato in hand, ready for your next ride. The cafe offers all the usual Starbucks favorites, along with a few additional snacks. We like the Connections Cafe because there is plenty of seating throughout the whole building, its proximity to the park's entrance is excellent, and its central location is amidst all the action. Plus, If you need a break to savor your drink before heading off to your next adventure, you can stroll over to the nearby Creations gift shop to hunt for the ideal Epcot keepsake.

Creature Comforts

Nothing quite makes us more in need of coffee than leisurely boat rides through the Kasvapan River of Pandora or checking in on the elephants on safari. If you, like us, need a pick-me-up in the middle of your day at the Animal Kingdom, set a course to Creature Comforts. This Starbucks spot is located right at the crux of the intersection between a path heading to Pandora and another for making your way into Africa. We like it because it is at an intersection that you will pass many times throughout your day as you journey to different areas of the Animal Kingdom.

Inside, there is plenty of space for the substantial line that forms first thing in the morning, but by lunchtime, it has slowed down quite a bit. Like Connections, you can find your Starbucks favorites from home and even choose a new treat to enjoy. While waiting for your drink, be sure to check out all of the beautiful structural and artistic work in this unique Starbucks. The theming here is impeccable. If you want to take your beverage on the go, there are plenty of animals nearby to visit, but if you need a moment to sit, there are also chairs and tables for you and your family to enjoy a leisurely coffee break outside.

Trolley Car Cafe

After you make your morning visit to the Twilight Zone in the Tower of Terror, but before you fly to Batuu to fly in the hunk of junk known as the Millennium Falcon, check out one of our favorite coffee shops on the property. You'll find it right off of the main drag as you enter Hollywood Studios. The Trolley Car Cafe is themed after a trolley station, and as you wait for your turn in line, there's plenty of cool theming to look at in the spot.

Like Connections and Creature Comforts, this is a Starbucks location. However, it also houses one of our favorite quick snacks on the property. The Carrot Cake Cookie is less cookie and more cake. It is two pieces of circular carrot cake attached in the middle by a hefty helping of delicious cream cheese frosting. It tastes absolutely divine with coffee, we think it's one of the best snacks at Walt Disney World and is big enough to share with your family if everyone is looking for a delightful treat. Plus, it's a great place to stop before hot chocolate as you make your way to the night-time spectacular, Fantasmic.

Main Street Bakery

Rounding off the Starbucks locations located in the middle of the theme parks is the Main Street Bakery right on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. You'll know you've made it when you spot the cast number holding the giant Mickey-shaped cinnamon roll in front of the door (one of the best Mickey-shaped snacks available). Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is the location that gets the most attention, so the line tends to be extensive. There are some slower points throughout the day, but you can almost always expect at least some of a wait at the Main Street Bakery.

Of course, there are other places to get coffee at the Magic Kingdom; we absolutely love the Main Street Bakery because it provides the perfect place to get your coffee before taking a picture in front of the castle. Plus, there's a good chance you'll be waiting nearby this coffee shop for the fireworks in the evening. We recommend sending a brave soul over to the Starbucks to gather around of coffees to enjoy with fireworks. After all, you'll need the boost of energy as you strive to make your way out of the park following the mass Exodus that is the fireworks exit.

Joffrey's in Disney Springs

Perhaps no Disney trip is truly complete without a stop in Disney Springs. This shopping district has a fair amount of walking, and you'll probably get pretty tired between shopping and eating. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to get coffee here. For an ultra-unique experience, check out Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company near Wine Bar George and The Boathouse.

There are several Joffrey's locations throughout Walt Disney World, but this one is extra special because you can get custom latte art added to your drink. This magic works through an app loaded on the pads right in the shop, or you can even download the customization app to your own phone. You can select either some of the preloaded Disney pictures or even have your own face added on top of your latte. Not only does this make for incredibly photogenic lattes, but it is also a magical, memorable accent to add to your shopping day.

Starbucks at Disney Springs

Not far from the orange parking garage, you'll find a massive Starbucks location. Of all of the Starbucks locations on Walt Disney World property, this one looks the most like a traditional Starbucks, except on steroids. It's the perfect spot to grab a coffee before heading on your shopping run, and there's even plenty of seating in the shop and around the back to enjoy a bit of a sit-down and relax those tired feet.

While we enjoy stopping here to people-watch and take a break from shopping, it's also a great spot to take out your laptop and get some work done if you need to mix a little business with pleasure while on your trip (or if you're an Orlando local looking for a solid work-from-home spot). Around the back of the coffee shop, you get a great view of the water and even the iconic Disney Springs balloon that takes gas up for an incredible view of the Central Florida region.

Le Petit Café

When deciding which resort to stay at for your Walt Disney World vacation, there are many factors to keep in mind. For us, one of the more important factors is whether there is delicious coffee in an easily accessible space. Perhaps that's why the Riviera Resort is one of our favorite places to stay at Walt Disney World. Here, right outside of the hotel's main lobby, you'll find Le Petit Café. This charming cafe has a small amount of seating but plenty of character, and it's even named after the cafe from Disney's "The Aristocats."

In the morning, this cafe is primarily a coffee shop, but by the evening, it turns into more of a wine bar. Plus, they have some of our absolute favorite iced coffee on the property. For a delicious drink that you can only find here, order the Almond Cold Brew. This drink is a mix of cold brew and almond flavors that will make you want to book a trip just to enjoy this drink every day.

Oga's Cantina

When you think of Oga's Cantina, you probably don't think of it as a coffee shop. After all, Oga's Cantina, located in Batuu in Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios, is primarily a bar. However, amongst all of the crazy concoctions, you can order a cold brew that is as unique as the theming in this cantina.

For a coffee that will make you wonder why it works so well, check out the Black Spire Brew. This drink is a mixture of cold brew and fruit flavors and is the perfect second drink while enjoying your time in the Cantina. Although they aren't many coffee options here, this is one of our favorite spots for coffee at Walt Disney World because the ambiance is absolutely unbeatable. Between a DJ Droid named DJ R-3X, the incredible cast members, fellow guests, delicious drinks, and memorable music, you'll find yourself wanting to stop at the Cantina every time you take a swing through this part of the galaxy. Not to mention, if you are a Star Wars fan, it'll feel like you're living right in the middle of the story.

Kat Saka's Kettle

If cold brew with fruit isn't really speaking your language, there's another drink in Batu that you can try. Located right in the marketplace in the center of Batuu, you'll find Kat Saka's Kettle. In addition to some pretty uniquely colored, but nevertheless tasty, popcorn, you can order a Cold Brew Black Caf.

This drink, which can be ordered with or without alcohol, is cold brew topped with sweet cream cheese and then little puffs of chocolate that are akin to chocolate cocoa puffs. In addition to your coffee, you can enjoy a little bit of cereal, which adds some fun crunch to this drink. Though we love the non-alcoholic version of this one, if you are of age, we definitely recommend giving the spiked version a try. Unfortunately, this coffee stop does not have any additional seating, but you can typically find areas to relax at the nearby Ronto Roasters.

Royal Anandapur Tea Company

One of our favorite places to get lunch at Animal Kingdom is Mr. Kamal's. This little booth has dumplings and seasoned fries, and they are absolutely delicious. Not far from Kamal's, you'll find a delicious Joffrey's spot called Royal Anandapur Tea Company. Here, we enjoy picking up a beverage to enjoy during lunch and then taking all of our goodies to one of the nearby spots to sit.

Right off the water, there are plenty of areas with fans and even coverage overhead, so you can enjoy a bit of shade while snacking on lunch. One of the reasons we love this Joffrey's spot is because it has some really unique tea offerings that are tougher to find in different places throughout the property. Plus, the location absolutely can't be beaten since it is nearby so many seating and snack opportunities.

Contemporary Grounds

The Riviera isn't the only Disney hotel with easily accessible coffee. The Contemporary Resort nearby the Magic Kingdom, accessible via monorail, has a Joffrey's location called Contemporary Grounds on the main level. Not far from Steakhouse 71 and very close to the desks where you would check in for your hotel stay, you'll find a reasonably large counter and full-service espresso bar, a smoothie spot, and even a pastry case.

We love this coffee spot because it is very convenient for people staying in the hotel, but also because it is a great place to grab a drink after breakfast or lunch at Steakhouse 71. Plus, if you are spending the day at the Magic Kingdom but don't want to deal with the crowds at the coffee shops in the park, the Contemporary Groups are a short monorail ride away. We rarely see anyone waiting in line at this coffee spot, and it has genuinely delicious offerings. Plus, you can actually order your coffee ahead via the Joffrey's app at this location.

Joffrey's at Skyliner Station

Disney's newest form of public transportation is the Skyliner. This transportation will take you to the Riviera Resort, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, the Caribbean Beach Resort, and Pop Century. There are a few different stations, but the central station that connects all three lines together has a super convenient Joffrey's booth.

It's similar to the ones scattered throughout the four theme parks, but what sets this Jeffrey's apart is its location. Here, you can order a delicious drink to take with you as you enjoy your ride on the Skyliner. An attraction all in itself, we love picking up a Joffrey's drink, hopping on Skyliner, listening to the narration, and checking out the beautiful views of Disney World from above. Plus, this Joffrey's often has refreshing blended drinks specifically for a Skyliner ride.

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

At Epcot, you can journey around the world, showcase and check in on the cultures and offerings of many different countries. One of our favorite coffee spots along the way is Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in the Norway pavilion.

The Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe offers a delicious blended coffee drink similar to a coffee slushy called Kristoff coffee. If you prefer the same kind of coffee but with a little bit of alcohol, you can order a Viking coffee. The closest thing we can compare this to is something like a mocha Frappuccino, and it is definitely intended for those coffee fans that prefer cold coffee over hot. We like pairing it with any of the pastries available at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe.

Joffrey's at the Ticket and Transportation Center

We are firm believers that nothing goes better with Disney transportation than coffee. So, before you hop on the monorail or set sail on the ferry to the Magic Kingdom, stop at the Joffrey's at the Ticket and Transportation Center. When you think ahead and get your coffee here where the wait is always minimal, you won't need to contend with the ridiculous wait times at the Main Street Bakery or Joffrey's in Tomorrowland. Instead, you'll be ready to take your photo, drink in hand, in front of the castle.

Just like other Joffrey's booths throughout the parks, there are a whole bunch of different choices available to you, and while there isn't much special about this coffee stop other than its location, every time we stop here, we are so thankful that it exists. Nothing helps center us more than a coffee before heading to the Magic Kingdom.


Gideon's Bakehouse at Disney Springs is pretty widely known, especially in Florida, for its delicious, massive cookies. And while we do love a massive, ½-pound Gideon's cookie, it's possible that we love the cold brew here even more.

One of the best things about this cold brew is that it comes with oat milk rather than dairy milk. As a result, it is plant-based and vegan-friendly. And while that's not true for the cookie offerings here, we love that vegans can still enjoy something delicious from this bakehouse. Gideon's offers quite a few different flavors of cold brew, but we always find ourselves going back to the Peanut Butter Cold Brew, even with new options seasonally available. In our minds, there's simply no beating this delicious flavor.

Barcelona Lounge

There are many reasons to love the Coronado Springs Resort. Perhaps near the top of our list is Barcelona Lounge. The hours at this one are a little bit different than you would expect, but the drinks more than make up for the odd availability when the Lounge closes down for three hours from noon to 3 p.m. When the lounge reopens at 3 p.m., it becomes more of a bar than a coffee shop, but our favorite drink is still available, as are several others.

Our go-to order is the Café Bombon. The makeup on this one is quite simple, and it is just espresso and sweetened condensed milk. We love sipping and enjoying the beauty of the Coronado Springs resort with its decoration and stained glass. If you care to take a walk outside, there are plenty of walking paths to enjoy in the beautiful Florida sun.

BoardWalk Deli

Rounding off our favorites at Walt Disney World for coffee is the BoardWalk Deli. This delicious breakfast and coffee spot is a favorite of ours due to its location. Located inside the BoardWalk resort, right by the water, it is only a snappy boat ride from Hollywood Studios and a short walk from Epcot.

We love grabbing our choice of coffee and taking a seat on the bench to watch the boats in the water or even grabbing a fast breakfast on our way into one of the parks. If you happen to be staying at the BoardWalk, having the BoardWalk Deli right in your resort will be handy not only for coffee but also for quick breakfasts before heading into a busy day at the theme parks.