Quiznos Reinvents Its Gyro With Flavors From Grecian Delight

In 2018, Quiznos sold gyro flatbreads for just $1. Following the electric promotion of the then-returning menu item, gyros quickly disappeared from the fast-casual chain's lineup entirely ... that is, until now.

After a five-year hiatus, the Quiznos gyro is back and — this time — perhaps better than ever. Playfully dubbed the Big Fat Greek Sub, the new sandwich packs certified halal, seasoned gyro meat with tzatziki sauce, marinated tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, lettuce, and banana peppers on guests' choice of artisan bread, per a press release. The sandwich was created in collaboration with Grecian Delight I Kronos, a forerunner in the global cuisine marketplace that distributes authentic, high-quality Mediterranean ingredients to restaurants and retailers around the world.

The Big Fat Greek Sub is coming to Quiznos restaurants across the U.S. and Canada starting at $10, while supplies last. Time will tell whether this gyro will make its way into Quiznos' permanent menu rotation. Selling a gyro at all could give Quiznos an edge over other competitors. Jersey Mike's offers an array of Philly sandwiches but doesn't have a gyro. Neither does Jimmy John's. Arby's is pretty much the only other major fast food sandwich chain to offer gyros. But, Quiznos has a much larger plan in mind for its new sammy than just a fresh idea.

Taking a cue from global flavors

This Big Fat Greek Sub might be part of more recent attempts to revamp older menu items with international ingredients. Earlier this year in May, Quiznos rolled out a Kimchi Philly sandwich — an upgraded, perhaps avant-garde version of its classic cheesesteak. Tangy, umami, Korean fermented cabbage, and spicy gochujang marked a foray into lesser-trodden fast-casual sandwich chain territory. At the time, Quiznos Vice President of Culinary and Innovation Mike Gieseman commented, "Ever since we began tapping into the brand's heritage a few years ago, we've been in a new era of culinary innovation where we continue to push boundaries with our creative new menu items."

Per the latest press release, Gieseman explains that this new gyro is a continuation of that push, bringing back old beloved favorites with new, exciting flavor profiles in congruence with contemporary consumer trends. Indeed, international e-marketplaces have been on the rise among foodies in 2023, making global fare and ingredients more accessible (which is exactly what Quiznos is doing with its revamped gyro).

After a tough year in 2020 and revenue of less than $100 million in 2021, Quiznos increased profitability to $170 million in 2022. This gyro and other global offerings could mark a new beginning for the chain as it steps back into the market in a big way.