The Best Gyros You Can Find In Every State

If you love Greek cuisine, you have definitely heard all about gyros, and hopefully know that Greeks prefer you pronounce it "yee-ro." In the U.S., gyro can refer to two different things. One definition is the juicy shavings taken off vertical rotisseries of meat — usually pork, chicken, or lamb — though alternative meats have become popular in menus seeking to stand out from the competition. The other definition is the full pita-wrapped meal the meat is served in, usually accompanied by your choice of onion, tzatziki sauce, French fries, and tomatoes. 

While the best gyros in the world may exist in Greece, that doesn't mean you can't find mouthwatering gyros in the U.S. Some cities have huge populations of Greek immigrants that have founded incredibly popular gyro joints. However, while finding a great pita-wrapped Greek sandwich to eat in places like Astoria, Queens, or Chicago's Greektown may seem like a no-brainer, you may be surprised to learn that there are authentic, scrumptious gyros served all throughout the U.S.

No matter what state you live in, if you're ever in the mood for Greece's most popular fast food, you can use the list below to find the best gyro shop close to you.

Alabama: Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Though it has over 90 locations throughout the U.S., Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe in Birmingham is something special. It serves scrumptious gyros made with a variety of meats but also offers dishes that contradict the (often wrong) stereotype of gyros as unhealthy fast food. In addition to classic options like beef and lamb, you will find interesting alternatives like a spicy harissa chicken gyro. Since Taziki prides itself on transparency and health consciousness, so you can find full nutritional information and allergen details for every gyro sold.

Alaska: Antonio's Greek Bakery & Cafe

This cafe offers its customers a little slice of Greek hospitality in Anchorage with its fresh, delicious, lovingly made dishes. In addition to homemade Greek specialties like lahanodolmades (cabbage rolls) and pastitsio (Greek baked pasta dish), Antonio's Greek Bakery & Cafe serves classic Greek gyros. The gyro dish comes with a little Greek salad and roasted potatoes on the side, as well as onion, tzatziki sauce, and tomatoes. Visit the cafe from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day except Sundays.

Arizona: George's Famous Gyros

George's Famous Gyros has been mentioned in multiple publications as one of the top Greek restaurants in the entire city of Phoenix and with good reason. You can choose from fourteen different gyro options, including unique flavors like gyro supreme and chicken Caesar, or build your own gyro from scratch. The owners also love to give back to the local Phoenix community; customers have the option to buy meals for first responders while completing their order as part of a program called "Gyros for Heroes." 

Arkansas: Mama's Gyros Grill

The website Only in Arkansas has declared the gyro at Mama's Gyros Grill in Sherwood to be "one of the very best in all Central Arkansas," and locals seem to agree. Part of the reason for Mama's popularity might be the warm atmosphere created by Randy Akel, the friendly owner of this Arkansas gyro spot. However, even though Randy is one of the most welcoming people in town, the biggest draw at Mama's remains the perfectly cooked gyro meat, finished off on a blacktop grill to give it a slight crispiness.

California: Aliki's Greek Taverna

California may be full of gourmet and upscale Greek cuisine, but the best gyro in the state is served in the most unexpected place: by the LAX airport in Los Angeles. That's right, in the area of Westchester, far from the glamorous homes of Beverly Hills or the trendy restaurants of downtown LA, lies Aliki's Greek Taverna, a cozy, family-owned restaurant that was named one of the Top 15 Best Places to Eat in the LAX area. Pick between the chicken, vegetarian, and lamb and beef combo gyro, and eat away while enjoying Aliki's famous Greek hospitality.

Colorado: Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is a chain of Greek eateries in the U.S. with stellar reviews all around, but no store beats its Aurora, Colorado location. The grill serves a deconstructed plate with gyro meat served alongside rice pilaf and soft, warm pita bread. You can also get classic French fries or the grill's Greek version, called feta fries. If you stop by with a group, make sure to taste all the delicious Greek dips on the menu, which aren't always offered at Greek restaurants in the U.S., including tirokafteri (spicy cheese dip) and melitzanosalata (eggplant dip).

Connecticut: Gyro Love

For a truly authentic gyro, head to Gyro Love in Connecticut. This shop prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients that they responsibly source, which eases customers' minds about the ethics of their food consumption. The chefs cook the gyro meat on open flame grills to imbue it with smoky crispness, but crunchy falafel is also available. Gyro Love has five different locations in Connecticut, including Bristol, Cromwell, Southington, Glastonbury, and Avon, so no matter where you are, you can find a well-sourced gyro joint near you.

Delaware: Dari Kabab & Gyro

Fittingly located right off the main street of Smyrna, a town named after the historic Greek community on the shore of present-day Turkey, Dari Kabab & Gyro is incredibly popular with both local customers and businesses. In fact, Delaware Today recommended the restaurant as a must-stop location on any day trip to Smyrna. Though you can't go wrong with almost any dish, the lamb gyro and chicken shawarma are especially delicious customer favorites. 

Florida: Papa Sabz

Head to Casselberry to dine at Papa Sabz, known for its classic, falafel, and chicken gyro. You can pick and choose which traditional ingredients to leave in or remove from your personalized gyro, and even request extras like double the tzatziki or feta cheese. For Florida residents who live within five miles of the restaurant's location on State Road 436, the store's delivery radius, go ahead and order in a Greek meal for the whole family or indulge in some gyro meat with friends for your next game night. 

Georgia: Nick's Food To Go

The casual passersby might not notice Nick's Food To Go thanks to its small size and casual appearance, but locals know better. Founded by Greek immigrants Nick and Eleni Poulos in 1994, this tiny family-owned gyro spot has persisted through countless neighborhood changes thanks to the incredible quality (and taste) of its gyro meat. The regulars who come here can't get enough of the Poulos's Greek hospitality. Try the pork gyro wrap, an option not always available in the U.S. but arguably one of the most common and popular gyros in Greece.

Hawaii: Leo's Taverna

A family of Greek immigrants established Leo's Taverna in 2000, and over time, the business has expanded to three separate locations spread out over the island of Oahu. The downtown and Waikiki locations are larger sit-down restaurants, while the Kaheka location is known as Leo's Taverna Express and is located in a small kiosk. If you try one of the many gyro dishes or sandwiches, Leo's gives you the option to add even more gyro meat for a small surcharge, so you will never leave hungry.

Idaho: Mikey's Greek Gyros

Head up to the college town of Moscow to visit Mikey's Greek Gyros, where you can enjoy a full night of entertainment in addition to the location's delicious Greek cuisine. Mikey's offers its customers music nights, trivia nights, and a wide selection of refreshing beers to accompany your meal. The Greek gyro dish here is made with a mixture of beef and lamb. If you're feeling extra hungry, upgrade to the deluxe gyro, which is essentially a Greek gyro, but with a lot more of each ingredient.

Illinois: Charcoal Flame Grill

Chicago is home to one of the biggest populations of Greek immigrants in the entire U.S. in the district of Greektown, so there is a fair amount of competition for the best gyro spot in Illinois. However, one of the consistently highest-rated gyro spots in the state, Charcoal Flame Grill, is actually a short drive outside Chicago in Morton Grove. The homemade Greek gyro is incredibly delicious and affordable, at just under $10 for a dose of gyro meat, tzatziki, onions, and tomatoes, all wrapped up in delicious pita bread. 

Indiana: Yannis Golden Gyros

If you haven't stumbled upon it yet, it's time to discover the hidden gem of Yannis Golden Gyros on the west side of Indianapolis. This unassuming white building may look like a hole in the wall, yet it serves some of the most flavorful gyros in the state. In fact, Yannis does its job so well that it landed on Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. in 2020. Stop by and try the gyro plate or sandwich to experience some truly authentic Greek flavors.

Iowa: Gazali's

Though Gazali's has been a Des Moines mainstay for over 40 years (and retains a lot of traditional Greek flavors in its dishes), it has also kept up with the times, offering customers gluten-free and veggie options to accommodate various dietary preferences. Pet owners may be happy to know Gazali's also has a dog menu. The restaurant is currently run by MJ, a Lebanese immigrant, and actor who took over from his mother. Gazali's gives you the option to order gyro in a wrap, on a salad, or on rice.

Kansas: Mr. Gyro's Greek Food & Pastry

Kansas residents looking for traditional Greek cuisine need to look no further than Mr. Gyro's Greek Food & Pastry, with four locations near Kansas City in Olathe, Metcalfe, Overland Park, and Leawood. Established over 35 years ago, the business' dishes are still based on the authentic recipes brought over by Greek immigrants Ted and Soula Jovaras in the 1950s. Enjoy dishes like the classic gyro and gyro melt, served by Ted and Soula's son Chris and his wife, DeeDee. Be warned, the portions here are huge, so come with an empty stomach.

Kentucky: Babylon Gyros

Head on down to Richmond and visit Babylon Gyros for one of the best gyros in Kentucky. You can either get a regular gyro or work off the "Anytime Pick 3 Special", which allows you to pick one protein — chicken, gyro, or falafel — and supplement it with two Greek and Middle Eastern-inspired side dishes. Customers who are still hungry after their meal should try the baklava, one of the most beloved desserts for regulars at Babylon Gyros. The restaurant is open every day except Sunday. 

Louisiana: Zorbas Lafayette

There are a lot of restaurants named Zorbas in Louisiana, but one stands out above the rest: Zorbas Lafayette. This particular spot serves a variety of gyro wraps and platters, but one dish that's a little bit different than most is a pita wrap called the Feisty Gyro. In addition to the usual gyro ingredients, Zorbas adds a bit of "feisty" feta to the mix, giving an extra salty and tangy taste to the gyro wrap. You can also get a BBQ gyro pita wrap for a great Southern twist on a Meditteranean classic.

Maine: Dina's Cuisine

Unlike many of the other places on this list, Dina's Cuisine serves dishes, including gyros, with more of a Middle Eastern twist. Try the classic gyro, or perhaps sample one of the other gyro-like meats on the menu that hail from Greece's neighbors, such as shawarma, falafel, and beef and lamb kufta. The owners of Dina's have been working in the restaurant business since the 1970s, and that level of experience shows in the quality of every dish this Portland spot serves. As Dina's emphasizes, all of its "dishes are made with love."

Maryland: The Big Greek Cafe

With seven different locations across Maryland, from Silver Spring to Bethesda, The Big Greek Cafe has experienced a boom in business. To what does the restaurant owe its success? According to the owners, the food here is served just as yia yia used to make. For those who don't know, yia yia is the Greek word for grandma, and no one can cook better than a Greek grandmother. Follow up the famous gyro pita with rizogalo, a Greek rice pudding dessert not often found outside of Greece.

Massachusetts: Gyro City

Located in the heart of Boston, Gyro City serves classic gyro as well as souvlakia, a kebab-like Greek food that consists of cubed meat on a skewer. The food served by owner and head chef Paul Circ is so fresh, delicious, and authentically Greek that it quickly became a local favorite for Bostonians. Instead of creating complex gourmet dishes, Circ focuses on obtaining high-quality ingredients and infusing them with the simple yet mouthwatering herbs and flavors of Greek cooking. The restaurant has also opened up a second location in Providence, Rhode Island.

Michigan: Zesty Gyros

When Ziyad Zaaeiter founded Zesty Gyros in Grand Rapids, he was determined to lovingly create and share traditional Syrian flavors with his customers. That is why he used his own family's authentic recipes to make a wide variety of Middle Eastern cuisine, including shish kebabs, falafel, and hummus. Thanks to Syrian cuisine's proximity to Greece's dishes, this eatery also offers beef, lamb, and chicken gyros. All the meat served at Zesty Gyros is halal, so observant Muslims can rest easy knowing everything they order here is handled in accordance with their beliefs.

Minnesota: Olympia Cafe & Gyros

Probably one of the most unique gyro spots on this list, Olympia Cafe & Gyros serves this traditional Greek meat in ways and varieties you likely never thought possible. If you think that's an exaggeration, stop on by to try the gyro wontons, burritos, street tacos, quesadillas, and gyro burgers. Essentially, in addition to serving it in its traditional form, Olympia has taken gyro meat completely out of any Greek context and used it in dishes of several international cuisines, including Chinese, Mexican, and American food. 

Mississippi: Krilakis

The owners of Krilakis will never reveal the unique seasonings they use to make gyro meat some of the best flavored in the nation, preferring instead to simply serve the delicious combo to the restaurant's many, many hungry customers. On warmer nights, patrons can enjoy their meal on the restaurant's small outdoor patio. You can choose from the many authentic style gyros served with traditional ingredients like tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and tzatziki sauce, or select something off the specialty style gyro menu, which dresses the gyro options with mozzarella and feta as well. 

Missouri: Olympia Kebob House & Tavern

What started as a small Greek deli in 1980 quickly become one of the top sit-down restaurants for traditional Greek food in Missouri. The Riverfront Times declared that the gyro at Olympia Kebob House & Taverna is one of the top 5 gyros in all of St. Louis. Customers especially love the deluxe gyro, served with shredded lettuce and feta on top of the usual gyro ingredients. The secret behind the flavorful dishes lies in the owner's family recipes, which hail from the stunning island of Rhodes. 

Montana: The Greek Pastry Shop

Out in Missoula, The Greek Pastry Shop has repeatedly been commended as serving the best gyro in the entire area and proposes itself as the first gyro shop in the city. The blue and white decor, which mimics the colors of the Greek flag, as well as the countless photos of Athens and the picturesque Greek islands located inside the shop, temporarily take customers out of Montana and put them in Greece for the duration of a meal. If you can't decide what to order (because all the options look so delicious), try the gyro sample plate. 

Nebraska: Greek Islands Restaurant

Run since 1983 by the Sgourakis brothers, George and Laki, the Greek Islands Restaurant in Omaha aims to deliver one of the most delicious gyros in the state of Nebraska, and it seems like they've succeeded. Multiple customer reviewers exclaim that this dining establishment serves the best gyro in Omaha. In addition to the delicious meat offerings, you can find other Greek classics here, like pastitsio, moussaka, and dolmades (stuffed grape vine leaves). 

Nevada: Yassou Greek Grill Cafe

Yassou Greek Grill Cafe has previously been honored as serving one of the best gyros in the United States. With a name that literally translates to "hello," the cafe's laidback, welcoming atmosphere (and some out-of-this-world flavors) keeps customers coming back time and time again. Yassou's gyro pita is one of the greatest options on the menu, featuring flame-broiled beef and lamb. Don't leave before sampling the restaurant's Greek fries as well, spiced with feta and special herbs, for an extra kick.

New Hampshire: Main Street Gyro

Few would believe that the cold, low-key town of Nashua could be home to a truly great gyro joint, but Main Street Gyro is here to prove them wrong. The father and son duo that started this restaurant has a simple rule: they always serve unprocessed, natural meats and fresh vegetables from local farms. This not only guarantees incredible flavors and customer satisfaction but has also made Main Street Gyro very popular with the local agricultural community, which supplies the restaurant. Try the traditional pork gyro to get a true taste of Greece.

New Jersey: Smyrna Gyro

Situated next to the river in Wallington, Smyrna Gyro has been a local favorite in the town for years. The pared-down menu gives customers exactly what they want: simple gyro wraps and platters, optionally accompanied by a Greek salad appetizer or any one of several Greek dips. Decorated in the traditional blue and white colors of the motherland, with several mati (eye) pendants hanging down from the walls to ward off the evil, Smyrna Gyro is an unmistakable outpost of Greece in the New Jersey suburbs.

New Mexico: Yamas Greek Rotisserie

If you visit Greece, you will hear people say yamas when they clink glasses. The expression is the shortening of a longer phrase meaning "to our health." It's no wonder Yamas Greek Rotisserie named itself after the Greek word for "cheers," as you will always see the restaurant's customers leave their tables smiling. Go in, grab a menu, order your favorite gyro or other meat dishes at the counter, then sit back and enjoy one of the best Greek meals in New Mexico. 

New York: BZ Grill

To find the best gyro in New York, you unsurprisingly have to head to the very Greek neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Located right on bustling Astoria Boulevard, BZ Grill has consistently outshone a lot of its local Greek competition by serving one of the most delicious gyros in town, a distinction confirmed by many New York food publications. Though you can't go wrong with a classic gyro if you want to try something new, check out the seftalia (homemade sausage) sandwich, a Cypriot specialty.

North Carolina: Kipos Greek Taverna

Travel to the charming college town of Chapel Hill to enjoy a heavenly meal at Kipos Greek Taverna, run by the Bakatsias family. The owners founded Kipos, which translated to "garden" in Greek, in order to celebrate traditional rural Greek cooking and share the freshness and flavors of the Greek countryside with their local community. This emphasis on freshness leads the family to source from a variety of local farms, both to enhance the menu and support other local businesses. Stop by and try George's gyros, a special lovingly created by the owner. 

North Dakota: GP's Greek Kitchen

In the town of Fargo, you will find an absolutely incredible gyro at GP's Greek Kitchen, normally open for lunch and dinner service every day except Sundays and Mondays but currently operating take-out only. In addition to six different flavor options for gyros in a traditional pita wrap, you can also pick one of several gyro bowls if you'd rather combine this delicious Greek meat with a fresh salad instead of pita bread. Try the Athenian gyro on pita, which includes cucumbers, parsley, paprika, mustard, and tzatziki sauce on top of the traditional tomatoes and onions.

Ohio: King Gyros Greek Restaurant

Besides serving traditional Greek meals, King Gyros Greek Restaurant prides itself on adapting Greek flavors to staples of American cuisine. When you scour through the menu, you will find items like a feta burger and Greek fries. Even among the gyro options — besides the usual lamb and falafel offerings — you will also find Cajun chicken gyro and Greek BBQ chicken gyro (as well as a vegetarian option). If you're in the mood for something a little fancy, go for the steak gyro made with filet mignon tips. 

Oklahoma: Haydeh's Bistro

Family-owned and operated Haydeh's Bistro serves a whole slew of Middle Eastern and Greek dishes to its Oklahoma City customers, from classic Greek gyro and fries to Persian salads and shish kabobs. Locals with small children love to visit Haydeh's, as the restaurant thoughtfully provides a children's menu that includes a junior gyro. This meal has the same ingredients as a classic gyro but in smaller portions, so kids can try this delicious Greek staple without food going to waste.

Oregon: A Taste of Greek

A Taste of Greek is less of a restaurant and more of a bright yellow food truck, but that seems pretty par for the course in the Portland food scene. You might as well pick the gyro joint that follows the local trend. Though you can't go wrong with any dish, the lamb gyro plate combo comes highly recommended. It includes chunks of lamb over seasoned rice accompanied by delicious hummus and tzatziki dips, as well as freshly baked pita bread to dip in them. 

Pennsylvania: Souvlaki Boys Grill

In true Greek fashion, the Souvlaki Boys Grill in Lancaster was founded by cousins who decided to establish the grill after running a food truck for several years. Michael Kambouroglos, the culinary brain behind this Greek spot, combined his studies at the Culinary Institute of America with his love for and knowledge of Greek cuisine to bring, as the business puts it, "real Greek street food to America." His vision paid off, as Souvlaki Boys Grill serves some of the most authentic gyro combinations in the area and in the usual Greek street food style, i.e. ready to grab and go.

Rhode Island: Athenian Deli & Restaurant

This local Cranston gem closes by 7 p.m., so get to Athenian Deli & Restaurant early if you want to see what all the fuss is about. Don't be fooled by the incredibly informal setting and decor; this deli serves some of the best gyros in New England, in addition to several other sandwich specialties, like eggplant parm and chicken Caesar wrap. Naturally, it's not a fully Greek meal unless you start off with the refreshing, cool tastes of a traditional Greek salad, so make sure to get that first.

South Carolina: Abraham's Gyros

Both locals and visiting beach bums love this lively gyro spot in Myrtle Beach. Thanks to its coastal location, Abraham's Gyros serves a variety of classic boardwalk food like burgers and chicken tenders, but nothing beats the delicious gyro that gives the stand its name. People who like a little extra spice in their meal can request hot sauce along with their gyro, a pairing that surprisingly works well. As a bonus, the friendly owner of Abraham's lives to better his customers' day, so chances are good you will leave with a smile.

South Dakota: The Gyro Hub

Now boasting two separate locations in Rapid City, The Gyro Hub is apparently doing quite well with locals. Customers frequently stop by the restaurant to sample the delicious Greek flavors on the menu, and others love the family and party options the eatery offers. You can get a family-sized gyro order for five or ten people, perfect for gatherings where you want authentic Greek flavors. Thinly-sliced and expertly seasoned gyro meat can also be had in bowls or salads.

Tennessee: House of Gyros

You might not expect to find Nashville's best gyro spot in a strip mall, but House of Gyros has been humming along for over 17 years now. The family of owners is dedicated to providing the best flavors and service around. Get the gyro combo, which includes a gyro sandwich, fries, and a drink of your choice. If you drop by even once just to test out how good the gyro is, the staff's friendly and welcoming attitude will have you coming back for seconds.

Texas: Yia Yia's House of Gyros Mesquite

Yia Yia's House of Gyros Mesquite is a small, quaint, family-owned eatery that has been ranked as one of Texas' best places to eat. This is thanks to the fact that after shaving the meat, Yia Yia's house gyro gets a grilled char. In addition to serving delicious meat dishes, Yia Yia's prides itself on creating a beautifully hospitable environment in which to truly enjoy a meal the Greek way. Many of the regular customers are on a first-name basis with the waiters and the owners and take their time to indulge in the food at Yia Yia's house. 

Utah: Greek City Grill

In the town of Holladay, Greek City Grill is a top choice for the lunch crowd, as the restaurant only operates from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays. Greek owner Bob Daskalakis comes from a family of successful Utah restauranteurs. As chef, he serves a limited but authentic variety of gyro options. These include lamb and beef, chicken, falafel, and a vegetarian option. The eatery is quite casual and offers both take-out and drive-through service in addition to traditional sit-down meals.

Vermont: The Hippie Chickpea

After traveling all around the country working in fine dining establishments, owners Vince and Vania Muraco decided to open up their own little restaurant in Montpelier. They named it The Hippie Chickpea and emphasized fresh Mediterranean flavors and dishes. The owners believe in nourishing both the mind and bodies of their customers, so they created a colorful, bright, and welcoming space. The gyro sandwich has more vegetable flavors added than usual, such as bell peppers, cabbage, yogurt sauce, green sauce, and scallions, on top of some of the traditional toppings, but it is absolutely delicious.

Virginia: Bell Greek

Bell Greek now has four locations throughout Virginia, and all of them get consistently good reviews from locals obsessed with the fresh Greek dishes it serves. The menu may vary a bit from location to location, but the delectable gyro options are served in all of them. The classic gyro on the menu can be made from lamb, chicken, and more unexpectedly, hummus and black beans. Before you order your main gyro course, try the fried cheese appetizer known as saganaki.

Washington: Yanni's Greek Restaurant

Fans of "Kitchen Nightmares" may remember the tight-knit and emotional family behind Yanni's Greek Restaurant in Seattle. It appears whatever advice Gordon Ramsay gave the owners worked because not only did Yanni's turn things around, it is now one of the most highly-rated Greek restaurants in the entire area. Try the gyro platter, homemade gyro, or for something totally different, gyro street fries. These are basically Greek fries tossed with minced garlic, feta cheese, and herbs and then covered with hand-cut strips of gyro meat. 

West Virginia: Theo Yianni's

Did you know there is a restaurant in West Virginia serving gyro pizza? If not, it's time for you to discover Theo Yianni's, located in Weirton. While we can't vouch for the flavors of the gyro pizza, we can tell you that the classic gyro sandwiches and combinations are the best in the state, perhaps the best of all the surrounding states as well. Browse through the large selection of wine and beer to find a delicious beverage that will accompany your mouthwatering food. 

Wisconsin: Parthenon Gyros

A Madison institution since 1972, Parthenon Gyros was actually the first restaurant in the state to offer a homemade gyro on the menu at all. Passed down through three generations of the large, wonderful Greek family that owns it, the eatery is advertised as making most of its ingredients in-house, which all but guarantees freshness. The owners emphasize that both the gyro and Greek yogurt they serve are handmade, something that most other Greek restaurants in the U.S. have long since abandoned. Order the gyro sandwich and experience the flavors for yourself. 

Wyoming: Sweet Zoey's

A story of perseverance in the face of all odds, Sweet Zoey's was founded by Zoey Aldahash, an Iraqi refugee who was forced to leave her hometown of Babylon while fleeing terrorist organizations. What started as hours of painstaking work making baklava and other Middle Eastern desserts to sell at farmers' markets eventually evolved into Zoey setting up a bakery and then expanding into a proper restaurant. Today, she serves the best gyro sandwich in the state of Wyoming and gives her customers plenty of choices to customize it to their liking.