Freeze Steaks On A Flat Surface For Better Grilling

If you decide to grill a steak at the last minute but your meat is still frozen, there's a simple solution. You can go right ahead and cook your grilled beef from a solid-frozen state and end up with delicious and exceptionally juicy cooked meat. The only caveat is that you should have the steak frozen flat for the best grilling results. When it's frozen on a flat surface, it ensures a tight fit when packed in a freezer bag, minimizing the risk of freezer burn and preserving the steak's natural juices. 

As a result, your cut of beef remains tender and succulent, delivering a satisfying burst of flavor after cooking. Practicality is another advantage of freezing meat on a flat surface. A frozen steak with a uniform shape is easier to handle and manage. Moreover, it fits better on the grill grates, allowing for even cooking and grill marks that make for a visually appealing presentation. The flat surface also ensures the steak makes consistent contact with the grill grates, promoting that sizzling sear we all crave.

How to properly freeze your steak flat

Ensuring your meat is frozen flat is a simple process. First, unpack your beef from the store packaging and pat dry with a paper towel. Next, place the steaks on a parchment-lined flat baking pan, ensuring they are not touching. This prevents them from sticking together as they freeze, while the parchment paper prevents sticking to the pan. Then pop the tray into the freezer and leave the meat uncovered to keep them dry by allowing evaporation of any moisture. 

Next, let them freeze for about five hours or until solid, and then wrap each frozen steak with individual plastic wraps, then keep them in a sealable freezer bag. The goal is to avoid exposing your meat to air, possibly leading to freezer burn. And now that your steaks are flat, stacking them in the freezer becomes much easier and therefore helps save on precious storage space. You can safely keep this frozen meat in the freezer for four to 12 months. So whenever you want to grill a steak at a moment's notice, you can be sure your crowd will enjoy a delicious dinner.