Opting For Homemade Coleslaw Over Store-Bought Is Well Worth The Flavor Difference

Everyone loves the convenience of pre-made, store-bought items like coleslaw and pasta salad as long as they are done right. However, that "done right" part is a big question mark at a grocery store. Some things, like rotisserie chickens, are tough to nail at home, while other pre-made meals like soups lend themselves to sitting on the shelf. Unfortunately, coleslaw doesn't fit into either of those categories. It's quick and easy to make yourself and, while it can sit for a little while, it has a tendency to lose its appeal as the crisp veggies get soggy over time, even if it's stored properly. Most importantly of all, the flavor of store-bought coleslaw just doesn't compare with what you can whip up at home.

Besides the uncertain freshness of what you're getting from the store, pre-made coleslaw is usually a bland mixture of basic ingredients with no flair or character. There's nothing wrong with a simple, mayo-based coleslaw, but most store-bought options are goopy, under seasoned mayonnaise explosions. In short, they're made to be inoffensive placeholders that can do the job for the maximum number of customers without offending anyone's palate. Instead, you can make your own homemade coleslaw in no time with four or five ingredients you probably already have. That means having the power to adjust everything like salt, mayo, and acid to your personal tastes, all with the benefit of knowing how fresh it is.

Fresh ingredients and customization make homemade coleslaw better

There's a whole world of coleslaw out there for you to experiment with, and none of the different ways you can make it are so hard that store-bought is worth it. You can make vinegar-based coleslaw with just some additional salt, and honey or sugar; the resulting crunch will be much better than something that's been sitting in liquid for days on end. Mayo-based coleslaw can be customized with added crunch from nuts or sweet apples. Sour cream or cheese can add tang and extra depth of flavor. Even a little bit of mustard or hot sauce will go a long way towards providing a more interesting experience with a better balance of flavors than your typical store-bought fare.

And it's not just the recipe that will make your coleslaw better. Even before it gets made, the veggies that grocery stores use in their prepped food or salad bars are usually older and less fresh, so by buying fresh produce yourself, your slaw is going to be better. You can also take steps like salting your cabbage to draw out moisture and increase its crunch. That's the kind of care you can give coleslaw when you make it in your own home. Small steps may not seem like a big deal at first, but with something as simple as coleslaw, fresh ingredients and a little extra attention make all the difference in the world.