The Rubber Band Hack To Prevent Spoons From Falling Into Your Pot While Cooking

Who doesn't love a good kitchen tip? They might seem frivolous at first glance, but they can have a big impact on your daily cooking methods. For instance, did you know there's a clever and simple trick for getting your spoon to stand up in a pot? If you've ever stirred food in a large pot on the stove, you know how annoying it can be when you let go for a minute and the spoon refuses to stand on its own. It might even fall into the hot pot of whatever you are cooking, forcing you to grab another utensil to fetch it out.

Sure, you can take the spoon out and put it on a spoon rest, but wouldn't it be easier to force it to stay put in the pot? Luckily, there is a hack that'll solve this problem and all you need for it is a rubber band. Simply tie the rubber band around the end of the spoon handle so that when you rest the spoon against the pot the rubber band part will be above the rim. This way, your spoon will catch on the rubber band and won't be able to slide around and/or fall into the pot.

How to use a rubber band to keep your spoon standing

Another option is to rest the spoon horizontally across the rim of the pot. Either way, don't forget that the spoon will be hot after standing in or resting over the pot, so it's best to use an oven mitt or heat-resistant pot holder when picking it up to prevent burning your hand.

Rubber bands have lots of uses beyond holding things together – the traction provided by the rubber works great for stabilizing objects. For example, you can wrap two rubber bands around both ends of a cutting board to keep it from sliding on the counter. Also, when you find yourself faced with a jar that's tough to open, you can wrap one around the lid to make it easier to grip and twist open. Ever tried picking something up with metal tongs and it just keeps slipping out of your grasp? Get a better grip with your tongs by tying a rubber band around each tong. The rubber bands provide the traction needed to clamp securely onto whatever food or dish you are picking up.