Indulge Your Love Of Cuban Sandwiches With A Meaty Twist On Eggs Benedict

There's no meal quite like brunch. Who doesn't love an all-out afternoon feast? When it comes to brunch dishes, few can match the iconic status of eggs Benedict. While disputed in origin, one characteristic of the dish is clear: There are abundant variations. From the get-go, chefs strayed from the classic formula of poached eggs, English muffins, ham, and hollandaise to create a medley of other offerings.

For an interpretation of the Caribbean, turn to a version that integrates the essence of a Cuban sandwich. The dish keeps the ham component but ups the pork content by throwing in shredded shoulder. A topping of pickles and melted Swiss cheese merges the Cubano flavor, elevated with a touch of mustard in the hollandaise. Such a savvy substitution seamlessly glides into the classic Benedict framework, and the poached egg still holds it all together. Let's dive into the details of the dish's preparation.

How to prepare a Cuban sandwich inspired eggs Benedict

Since this Benedict rendition involves slow-cooking a pork shoulder, preparation takes quite a bit of time. Allot up to 10 hours for both marinating and roasting the meat. However, remember that the slow-cooked shoulder can be repurposed into applications, too. Cubano slow-cooked pork utilizes an orange, spice, and garlic-based marinade, similar to carnitas tacos. So be sure to scale for leftovers to ensure extra pulled pork won't go to waste.

Once the meat is prepared, it's time to construct the Benedict. Start with the Hollandaise; the labor-intensive recipe is the same, except it mixes in a few spoonfuls of yellow mustard. Then heat up a few slices of thinly sliced ham, opting for a honey-glazed seasoning to adhere to the Cubano theme. Throw on a layer of Swiss cheese on top, heating just long enough to melt. Carefully poach the eggs, all while multitasking by toasting a bread roll.

Time for assembly. Throw the pulled pork onto the bread roll, followed by the ham and cheese. Continue with the poached egg, then douse the Benedict in the Hollandaise. With a garnish of pickles, the delicious Cuban-style breakfast creation is complete. Enjoy!