Califia Farms Debuts First Ever Plant-Based, Dairy-Free Caramel Apple Creamer

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As coffee chains around the country prepare to launch their lines of fan-favorite, fall-flavored drinks, including the ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice Latte and a variety of apple cinnamon concoctions, one creamer brand has found a different way to bring one of those popular flavors to your home-brewed coffee. Califia Farms will now be offering the world's first plant-based, dairy-free caramel apple flavored coffee creamer, joining its line of oat and almond based milks and creamers.

The limited edition seasonal flavor, available at Target stores and online, is described as combining "the luxurious, creamy texture of oat milk with the delectable flavor of a caramel apple crumble fresh from the oven on an autumn afternoon." Like all of Califia's products, the new flavor is vegan friendly and completely plant-based, making it a perfect alternative (or companion to) popular drinks at Starbucks, Dunkin', and 7-Eleven, the latter of which recently began rolling out its autumnal offerings.

Oat milk for everyone

The Califia Farms "Caramel Apple Crumble" flavor is recommended for use with both iced and hot coffee drinks. As noted on Target's website, the new seasonal Califia flavor is not only plant-based and dairy-free, it is also free of most major allergens including soy and gluten. It contains no added MSG, and is Non-GMO Project and Kosher certified, making it a great option for a wide variety of people on restricted diets, or just those hoping to incorporate more plant-based options into their diets for environmental or health reasons. Plus, it only contains 3 grams of sugar per serving.

As the Califia website notes, plant-based milk alternatives produce less CO2 than dairy milk and use less water and land in their production. The brand also has a large focus on sustainability in the creation of its products, including the use of renewable energy in its farming and manufacturing practices, as well as leaning heavily on recyclable materials for its packaging.