Taco Bell's Digital Sales Got A Sizable Boost From In-Store Kiosks

Taco Bell is reaping the return on its investment, and we aren't just talking about those favorite Mexican pizzas. The Yum! brand food chain recently announced that its digital sales have not only seen a 35% growth, but the chain can back it with the swagger that 100% of its quick service eateries have kiosks, according to QSR Magazine. What's so special about these standing menu kiosks? 

Simply put, fast food lovers like to be in charge of their food and their time, and these kiosks are giving patrons of the Live Más eatery the opportunity to do just that when they order. Couple this with the Run for the Border's mobile app and Taco Bell is writing the digital sales playbook for the fast food industry. Per Mad Mobile, these self-service kiosks are sticking around for the long run. The food industry is anticipating a continued increase at a compound rate of 6.4% from 2021 to 2026. Why? It's not rocket science. These kiosks are convenient for customers and a cost saver for restaurant owners.     

Fewer lines to deal with

One of the many benefits of these kiosks is that they help to reduce long lines that can cause you to leave a fast food joint before you even look at the menu. Retail Customer Experience conducted a survey in 2023 and discovered that 82% of consumers find long lies to be a turn-off. We hate waiting in these queues, especially when a trio of tacos or a seven-layer burrito is at stake. Taco Bell kiosks place the patron in the driver's seat and are only as slow as the person placing the order. 

These digital menus also make ordering more convenient and ensure you get the food you want. If an order is wrong, there is no one to complain to but, well, yourself. On the flip side, workers at fast food chains are able to concentrate on what customers want: making their food. Presumably, these digital kiosks give Taco Bell employees more time to fulfill an order and keep their space clean. It's really a win-win for everyone from that standpoint. And don't expect Taco Bell to stop with the kiosks. The brand's CFO Chris Turner told QSR Magazine the chain hopes to one day in the not so distant future rely on digital for 100% of its sales.