How Taco Bell Is Reimagining Its Popular Mexican Pizza

The Mexican pizza has a long history at Taco Bell, although as Today recalls, it was known by another name when it first debuted back in 1985. In its original incarnation, it was called the "Pizzazz Pizza." Under any name, however, Taco Bell's blend of beef and beans stuffed between two tortillas, and topped with tomatoes, pizza sauce, and a trio of cheeses has been a favorite of the fast food chain's customers for decades.

In fact, there was an uprising of sorts when Taco Bell scaled back its offerings during the COVID-19 pandemic and removed the Mexican pizza from menus. Die-hard fans of the chain's Mexican pizza took to social media to protest, as noted by Restaurant Business Online. According to Today, over 170,000 people also signed a petition to bring it back. Taco Bell heeded the call, and this September, the Mexican Pizza returned for good — accompanied by a TikTok musical tribute featuring Dolly Parton and Doja Cat (per Entrepreneur).

Now that the Mexican pizza is once again a permanent menu fixture, Taco Bell has turned its attention to creating new pizza variations. Two will soon be available at select Midwestern locations, CNN reports.

New Mexican pizza varieties coming soon to two Midwestern cities

The holiday season will be a joyous one for Mexican pizza lovers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Omaha, Nebraska — Taco Bell locations in those two cities will showcase new variations of the Mexican Pizza, according to CNN.

Taco Bell's trial Cheesy Jalapeño Mexcian Pizza will debut in Oklahoma City on December 22, with the location-specific prices for the nacho cheese and jalapeño-topped pizza special ranging from $4.99 to $5.49. The chain's Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza will debut in Omaha on the same day. It's basically a take on the traditional Mexican pizza, notes CNN, but with an extra layer of crunch and double the amount of beef and beans. The Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza will be priced at $5.99 during its limited release.

Sales have been up at Taco Bell lately, and the Mexican pizzas have been a big reason. More than 20 million have been sold since the item's return, CNN notes. Perhaps the two new Mexican pizza variations will generate enough sales buzz for a nationwide run. If history is any judge, a celebrity-filled musical tribute could potentially help its cause.